Frozen Niagara Falls – 2015

Falls2-17-15 View from the observation deck.

Who was frozen was me, not the Falls. It was -6° F in the image above. Below, it was a balmy 35°F.

Niagara-Falls-Frozen View from the Rainbow Bridge of the Falls with the US observation deck seen to the left.


A difference a week of freezing temperature makes shows how the ice builds and builds.


Iced-Talus-1 Top and base of the Falls.

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Above, the thick ice cracks open to reveal the Niagara River.

At night Ontario lights the Falls, below.


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62 Responses to Frozen Niagara Falls – 2015

  1. Cathy Testa says:

    Wow – photos are amazing, thank you for braving the cold weather to share all these photos – I’d love to reblog this on my blog with your permission – since we have been under a lot of snow here in CT, I am sure my friends would enjoy seeing your frosty photos! Cathy T

  2. Spectacular! Thanks for braving the cold weather to bring us these photos.

  3. Loretta says:

    Stunning shots and photography! We passed by the Falls on our way to Toronto, but no way we were stopping to take shots. We drive there often to visit relatives, so maybe, just maybe the next time I’ll brave the elements. Actually NF is much better in the winter time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Frozen sounds like an understatement! 😉 It would probably be impossible for me to hold the camera without shaking! Excellent shots, Donna! 🙂

  5. rose says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, Donna! I have been seeing this a lot in the news lately, and I have to admit the Falls looks even more beautiful in its “frozen” state.

  6. bittster says:

    Always an interesting view, I love how those massive ice piles build up in the cold and the mist freezes onto the trees!

  7. Laurin Lindsey says:

    Truly amazing! We are going there this summer after the Garden Bloggers Fling in Toronto. Very interesting to see it in winter, but way to cold for me.

    • I know the group is going. I was going to go along, but thought it would not make any sense to drive home them drive back home the same day. I am pretty sure I have seen where the group will be going, except maybe a private garden. You will like it in summer. I did a post on my garden at this time of year and made the request that the organizers see Niagara Falls. There really is a lot garden related within 7 miles from my home on the Canadian side of the border.

  8. Joe Owens says:

    We visited Niagra in June, so these have a unique interest to my family and me. It is magnificent both ways, but the power of all that water is mind-boggling.

  9. Joe Owens says:

    Laurin, have you ever been? We took a tour with a guide named Cal and he was fabulous and got us in and out of everything so smoothly.

  10. Annette says:

    Absolutely stunning, Donna! Don’t like the cold but it certainly makes for good pics. Hubby wanted to see them so I’ll send him the link. Keep warm 🙂

  11. Victor Ho says:

    Who would think nature that powerful can be stopped. But I have frozen pipes where I thought it was impossible.

  12. David says:

    Wonderful images. No pain no gain so congrats on having the intestinal fortitude to go out in that cold and take advantage of the situation.

  13. Les says:

    I’ve been waiting for these. Thank you!

  14. A.M.B. says:

    Stunning! 35 degrees definitely feels “balmy” these days.

  15. Wow…your photos are amazing. I had seen on the news that the falls were frozen and was wondering if you would be going out there to brave the elements…and you did. Thank you so much for sharing these majestic photos!

  16. Beautiful pictures! I loved the blue cracks overlooking the falls.

  17. It is beautiful at the falls in every season but my favorite photos are your winter ones. I am glad that it’s you not me taking them! The color of the water/ice where it cracked to reveal the river is amazing.

  18. Your photos of the Falls this winter in the ice and snow never cease to amaze me!! Thank you for always posting such beautiful – and incredible – scenes.

  19. aussiebirder says:

    Thanks so much Donna! We have been wanting to see pics of the frozen falls as we had heard about it on our news reports. Really great shots!

  20. Annie says:

    I’ve been sent a lot of photos of frozen rivers and lakes… and even a frozen ocean wave off Nantucket, but frozen Niagara Falls is the most impressive yet. Brrrr… I just had a chill.

  21. Beautiful images, Donna! I know it doesn’t freeze solid, but it’s fascinating that it gets that close. And it certainly looks extraordinary. Thanks for sharing the scenes from your beautiful community.

  22. Girl Gone Expat says:

    Wow – amazing to see Niagara Falls almost all frozen up, makes a very interesting and beautiful winter landscape! Great pictures!

  23. What beautiful photos of the ice build up at Niagara Falls. You are pretty brave with those temperatures. Way too cold for me to head outdoors. Thanks for braving the elements for us and sharing your photos.

  24. Andrea says:

    Hello Donna, your photos are always amazing but when done on those scenes they are even more marvelous! The magnitude of the landscape is also scary. I have just a glimpse of the glaciers on top of mountains in New Zealand and already felt awe, i can’t imagine how it is to view the frozen Niagara Falls. Does the splashes of ice near the top mean there is still liquid water flowing in there?

  25. Cathy Testa says:

    Reblogged this on Container Crazy Cathy T and commented:
    Think it is chilly and icy in Connecticut? Think again! Check out these amazing winter scene photos of Niagara Falls in NY by “Garden Walk Garden Talk.” This blogger created her blog to “celebrate the natural beauty and creativity found in Niagara Falls, New York. She loves to photograph, paint and draw; design and create; and pass along tips and ideas that may inspire.” And I’m glad I found and follow this blog. Cathy T

  26. OMG that looks COLD !!!!! amazing pictures though !

  27. diggingher says:

    Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us. Spectacular photos!

  28. Pat says:

    What an awesome sight.

  29. robbert says:

    I must say excellent shorts that you have shared through you blog and must say you really enjoyed a lot there, your excitement shows in your photographs. I also went there those days when Niagara Falls was in its frozen state. It must say it looks imaginary to see the water fall in frozen condition. I went there after my tours of hoover dam with my younger sister.

  30. A frozen wonderland. I’ve been observing reports about the remarkable winter you’re having, snow feels like such a treat in London although I can imagine by now you’re ready for spring to arrive.

  31. Incredible images. Once again I fear that the white witch is casting her spells so that we have a never ending winter. Even so, really striking photographs.

  32. Oh I was hoping you would have pictures of the frozen Falls this year given the cold winter….these are amazing. Thanks for braving the cold to get these.

  33. Lula says:

    WOW!!! what a beautiful landscape!!! and what a contrast with today’s so warm first day of March here in Madrid. I really prefer your winter imagery, although you might not agree after a so long winter for you there.

  34. I’ve only been there in summer. Its more beautiful in winter, and your pictures capture that wonderfully. Thanks

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