Eagle Watch


Bald Eagles are everywhere lately. I saw them in Conowingo, then Seattle, and now in Dunkirk, NY. I even saw a young one along the Niagara River eating dinner on river ice and an adult flying over a local bridge. They are popping up everywhere.

In Dunkirk, NY they were in trees by Lake Erie, on the break wall, and sitting on the ice. My friend Andrea and I went to Dunkirk Harbor, a bit over an hour away from where I live. Andrea is also a photographer.

Coming up on my two blogs, more birds from our trip to Dunkirk Harbor. See below, the swimming, all-you-can-eat buffet for the eagle on watch.

No swimmer became dinner today, but eagles are scavengers and many dead ducks surfaced from beneath the ice. I did see some beautiful ducks, geese and swans swimming by.

Eagle on break wall

Eagle on break wall in Dunkirk , NY

Most of the eagles in Dunkirk were quite far away, but two flew overhead close enough for my lens. In Conowingo there where over 100 eagles and I got many nice images.

Eagle Landing in Dunkirk Harbor

Eagle Landing in Dunkirk Harbor on ice

There seems to be an influx of raptors since Red-tailed Hawks were also numerous this past year. I did a post questioning why I have seen so many. Andrea and I saw Red-tailed Hawks too.


Red-tailed Hawk, Dunkirk, NY

Why are they called Bald Eagles?

It is the white on their heads making them piebald. I guess Piebald Eagle does not have that catchy ring for a living symbol of power. It has been our freedom symbol since 1782. The juvenile eagle below doesn’t have the white head yet like the adult flying with it.


I wanted to mention that while in Seattle…

My friend Alesia with whom I traveled to Maui, was further learning to use her Nikon D80. Now she is photographing birds, even those flying. The tips I provided her are also ones you will find right here on GWGT. In the span of 12 days, Alesia went from unfocused stationary birds, to fully focused birds in flight. She even got perching eagle pictures in Seattle when we returned.


Conowingo Dam, Maryland adult eagle.

Alesia now is a birdwatcher. To read on her photographic journey, see her post Concerns Simply Drop Away. You will also see a photo of the both of us in front of Pike Place, Seattle, taken with my Nikon P510.


Eagle on break wall in Dunkirk Harbor

To read my most recent post on improving your bird photography, see Stuff Photography Beginners Need to Know When Shooting Birds. You might find something to know to help you on your picture-taking journey.


Conowingo Dam, Maryland eagle.

On Nature and Wildlife Pics – information on eagles you might find interesting to know. American Bald Eagles – Don’t Go To Jail For One.


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24 Responses to Eagle Watch

  1. Maria F. says:

    What beautiful feathers!

  2. aussiebirder says:

    Love the patterns of your raptors. Magnificent shots Donna. I especially love the character of the eagle in the first one. Carrying the fish with such determination. Is this breeding season for the baldies, Donna? I usually see this kind of image (carrying fish off) when the White-bellied Sea Eagles are feeding their young.

  3. What a treat – I have never seen an eagle in the wild. Your images really show the power of these incredible birds.

  4. alesiablogs says:

    You are a kind and patient teacher and above all else a friend. Thanks for the shout out on your blog! I can not wait until my next “camera” workout while I put into practice what I have learned from you!

  5. swo8 says:

    Hi Donna,
    They have quite the wing span. So they stay around for the winter do they?

  6. That last picture is my favorite. Donna. I envy Alecia. Wish I could take a trip with you! P. x

  7. debsgarden says:

    What extraordinary images of wonderful birds! I have been following Berry College’s web cam of a Bald Eagle’s nest on their campus, in northern Georgia. Two babies hatched about three weeks ago, and wow! How they have grown. Momma and Daddy are staying busy keeping them fed.

  8. How wonderful that you’re seeing (and photographing) bald eagles everywhere you go! I’m thinking increasing predatory birds (and maybe foxes) caused a decline in songbirds at my feeders in Wisconsin this winter. I could hear and see them in the shrubs, but they didn’t seem to want to be exposed to danger by coming to the feeders.

  9. Your action shots are really amazing and I enjoyed the Seattle blog that was new to me…Have a great week Donna.

  10. Breathtaking shots, Donna! [I hope you didn’t have any annoying photographers this time blocking the view! 😉 ]

  11. Sue Vincent says:

    Fabulous pictures!

  12. Whoa! Amazing photos, especially the first and last ones. That first one could be used on a poster.

    As I was driving on Friday, about a block away from my house, a hawk swooped over the car. It’s always thrilling to see them.

  13. Stunning photos. An amazing place.

  14. Wow! The eagles are so beautiful and so majestic. Thank you for sharing these.

  15. Beautiful photos as usual! Thanks for sharing!

  16. You always get the most amazing shots. I think Piebald Eagle sound friendlier, sort of down-home.

  17. Amazing pictures ! these brids are really impressive

  18. Your work is exquisite. You have a wonderful eye for capturing raw beauty though a lens…
    AnnMarie 🙂
    I live in NY too – Hudson Valley, more specifically Orange County. It’s a lovely area all around 🙂

  19. Love the shot of the perched eagle, your looking not too bad yourself

  20. they are so beautiful i just love eagles because they belong to the united states and bernie and i love the americans…every july 4th we fill our front steps with american flags….God bless America!!! ………..love terry

  21. I enjoyed finding and viewing your blog. The eagles, especially the flight views are beautiful. Thanks

  22. Brian Comeau says:

    Amazing photographs of an amazing creature Donna. Well done my friend!

  23. Les says:

    I saw a beautiful adult bald eagle soaring over the rose garden at work yesterday. They are regular visitors to the garden, but sadly they can no longer reside there. The airport next door contracted with the feds to have their nest removed and to harass them with bottle rockets. The nesting eagles were a huge draw to the garden, and they even had their own web cam. However, two were killed in jet collisions, with no damage to the jets. I am sure the airport is only trying to prevent something worse. I just wish they had tried other methods first.

  24. People are seeing more eagles around here too. I hope with the stirring of birds, spring will be moving in….loved that picture of you on Alesia’s blog. Your hair is really long!

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