Up in the Air


Up in the air is an idiomatic expression used sometimes when people question what direction to take or what choice to make. So what is a choice I have to make…


Nikon D750 – 80-400mm lens

How many of you are up in the air about something? Something which is tentative, iffy, uncertain, unresolved and of course, there is always the literal up in the air like the way birds and planes live much of their lives.


Nikon D7000 – 80-400mm lens

Why the post is called up in the air is that this post and another got combined to take a new direction, one where both posts were forgotten about and never got scheduled.


I schedule all my posts and every now and then they get so out of season that it makes no sense to post them at all until the next year. I was talking to another blogger about scheduling posts for when she goes away on vacation. She did not know how to do that on her WP blog, yet it is so darn simple.


Where it says Publish immediately Edit one just clicks Edit for the date and time to appear. Just change the date and time to what is desired , click OK, then Publish changes to Schedule. Click Schedule and your post will go live as scheduled.


Most all of my posts have been scheduled for 7am or 7pm on both blogs.  Occasionally, I will have an unusual time, but that is rare. Scheduling posts makes sure they are not up in the air as to when to expect them.


Another reason I get up in the air, is which camera to use now that I travel with both the old (D7000) and new camera (D750). Like I mentioned, the old camera did a great job with bird photography. The new camera is much sharper, but gets less distance with all my lenses. Check out the old vs. new.


Nikon D7000 – 80-400mm lens


Nikon D750 – 80-400mm lens

Speaking of posts, I was wondering if readers have specific topics and images they like seeing here on GWGT. Now that I have quite a few readers following Nature and Wildlife Pics for the abundance of images of my nature photography, do you like still seeing them here?


If I could convince all my readers to visit Nature and Wildlife Pics, there would be less need to have eagles, hawks, owls, whales, sea turtles, and all the various non-garden critters on GWGT.


Sure I will still have my conservation, sustainability and environmental posts here on GWGT since they relate to my profession, but how about my birding hobby? Do you enjoy seeing and hearing about birds not regularly found in gardens?


Birds and gardens go hand in hand. GWGT has many posts on birds in the winter garden, attracting birds to gardens, adding shelter and food plants to gardens, and of course, photographing birds in gardens. Those type of posts will stay here also.


I am up in the air on what readers want to see on this blog. Please leave thoughts in the comments, they will greatly help.


And if you did not already go crazy clicking all those links to my posts, please check out the two new posts on Nature and Wildlife Pics. How Do Eagles Eat When the Lakes are Covered in Ice? and Crazy Old Coots. Both posts are fun and have nice photos from a recent trip. And if that is not encouragement enough, the newest Nature and Wildlife Pics posts are now displayed on the sidebar, easy to see what is posted there.

Next on GWGT…a search question that made me say…Really?


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I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at: http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com
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48 Responses to Up in the Air

  1. Hi Donna: Surprise me! I always enjoy your posts. Part of the joy of visiting blogs (for me) is guessing what this particular title means, or what that next post will be. I don’t have a preference for postings on a certain day or a certain time. I visit too many blogs to notice. I guess I just hope I’ll see at least a couple of posts a month (preferrably more, but I understand when people are busy) from my favorite blogs. I enjoy seeing both your wildlife posts and your garden posts, with a slight preference for the gardening/plant ones. Others are more interested in wildlife and birds and will probably visit your other blog more. But I know any post of yours will be top-quality!

    • Thanks for the input Beth. I have a pretty garden post coming up. I had to get rid of photos on my computer and gardens are what got trashed. So I made a few posts before they got dumped and the new year of garden walks begins. I always end up with thousands of photos each year from gardens I visit.

  2. bittster says:

    I don’t mind the pictures at all. In the depths of winter pictures of snow covered gardens again and again can get a little tiring and it’s then when you look for the wildlife and trip photos!

    • Of all the garden bloggers, bar a few, I have more gardens I visit than most. It could be a daily posting of different gardens with our over 1000 open gardens. I just never have the time to visit all of them here and in Canada. Plus all the big name gardens I see. My main problem of doing gardens every post is my job. I get tired of even my own garden because of work. If I am not inside designing on the computer, I am at a job site, nursery, seminar, or hardscape manufacturer. It is non-stop in my world.

  3. A.M.B. says:

    I’ve scheduled posts on occasion, but I usually don’t have any in the queue. I usually write them and then post them as they happen.

    As for the content on GWGT, I don’t think you could go wrong either way. I like seeing critters–even ones that you don’t see in gardens–on both blogs. But I can understand why you’d want to separate the material. Good luck figuring it out!

    • My problem is the queue. I have an endless flow of ideas and will write a couple posts from each outing rather quickly. Posts are quick because I don’t take the time to properly tag images. Not good for searches, but GWGT get enough of them anyway. Then posts sit rather than having a daily posting. When I was sick for two months last year and stopped blogging, I could have had a daily stream of scheduled posts, but chose not to because I could not return the visit to bloggers.

  4. Wow, so glad you managed to get this all in! I can’t even begin to make a suggestion…just love everything you post, your superb photos and your very interesting commentary, questions, thoughts, etc. If I could even choose my favorites, I’d say the magnificent landscape and mountain views and the fantastic ducks in flight!

    • Thank you. Once I started down the path of up in the air, I realized how many things need a decision. Way too many to deal, so as normal, I just keep doing what I do. But that is why I asked readers. It makes me wonder if my whims get off track sometimes. I love taking photos of just about anything, so focus gets way off course. Gardens are part of my work, so they get treated a little like the fabled stepchild.

  5. Brian Comeau says:

    I really enjoy all the aspects and topics with your blog. I know that your gardens are close to your heart but also know that you have a deep passion for the environment and enjoy reading about it. I’ve learned a lot from you.

  6. I love all of the bird photos. Congrats on the new camera!

  7. David says:

    I am primarily interested in your wildlife photos, but I do look at the GWGT photos too. I am likely to skim through the purely garden related more often. For me, the best of both worlds would be to have the two blogs combined but I understand that some readers my drop out because they do won’t to have to go through other posts to get to the subject they want. What ever you do I’m sure I’ll continue to follow.

    • I was fearing losing longtime readers a long while back. I have and get new readers all the time because this blog covers so many topics, but those that come only for photography and nature sometimes get short-changed come garden walk season. Once I started going with the birders, those two seasons overlap, that is why the two blogs. Winter is my favorite season for scenery and I will always have my snowy photos. Having the new blog, a number of my regular photography followers went over there which was what I was hoping. GWGT will always be far more popular, but NaWPs is on the rise. It takes time and after a year – in six months, I will see if it continues to improve. Since I always want to keep readers’ interest, I added the other blog on my sidebar. The photos and post title help readers to choose what they want to see if they make the blog hop.

  8. Great photos, beautiful birds. Thanks!

  9. lucindalines says:

    I love your posts whenever they appear and whichever blog you use. Always worth looking and reading.

  10. alesiablogs says:

    I love how your stories captivate your readers. If I had to say anything I would do different I would say do not worry so much about linking your two blogs with each other as much as they both have excellent merit standing on their own. I look at your aerial photos and can’t help to think of the beauty you captured in them and the memories you have of getting to see other parts of the country !

    • Thanks Alesia. Linking them is the key. NaWPs is too new and needs the nudge. I like having my funny nature stories and nature trips there, so it always has a bit of back story to the post. Plus one post usually supports the other, rather than being unrelated. I start a story on one and have sometime to continue it as a surprise on the other.

  11. Spectacular air photos! I’ll read both blogs, so organize them however you like.

  12. Cathy Testa says:

    What a beautiful photo!!

  13. Donna, your posts never disappoint. I enjoy all your fabulous bird photos (on both blogs). I like to read any post related to nature and/or gardening. I use to schedule posts when I wrote more frequently. I should think about doing that again. Did you choose 7 am/pm to post for a particular reason? Do you get more traffic at that time?

    • Thanks Karin. The 7am/pm times were kinda arbitrary. I wanted them before I started my workday and after I came home from work. That way I could make sure the post loaded as scheduled or if not home, not care knowing how few times there ever was a glitch. The 7am/pm time is actually worse for traffic. 8am/pm is much better as WP shows them in the reader and more folks seem to look at that time.

  14. It is most kind of you to ask us – I appreciate it.

    I am most interested in your garden posts. You bring us gardens we likely won’t see. Living on the other side of Niagara, this is very special and wonderful, so I hope you will increase these posts.

    And make sure you post what interests you to make sure you continue this wonderful blog!

  15. jhhyden says:

    There is an exhibit at Carnegie Mellon’s Hunt Institute. Many of us live too far away to visit. If you were to see the show I am sure we would enjoy your perspective as an architect and bird lover. I enjoy all of your articles and photography. Bird nest architecture?http://huntbotanical.org/exhibitions/show.php?121

  16. I enjoy seeing your photos. I get confused about scheduling posts due to the fact that I live in New Zealand and can’t figure out the time differences so that when I do schedule a post it gets a bit lost. I love your new camera. The colours are stronger and a lot sharper. Great selection of photos.

    • I guess I should have mentioned, on a WP blog the time needs to be changed for your time zone if is is not correct on your blog. I am not sure what time zone it starts in when you start a blog, but it is not the one you are in likely. To change to your timezone go to Settings>General>Timezone. It is in UTC or “the Greenwich Meridian, also known as the prime meridian or International Meridian, is the “starting point” for dividing the Earth’s surface into time zones.” That makes finding the one a person lives in both easy and hard at the same time. Many rules determine it and not all countries have standard time-zones.

      In Buffalo, we are 4 hours ahead of the International Meridian, so I use UTC-4 on the blog. It means my time when posting is my time here. We just had daylights’s savings time and were UTC-5, and on Sunday I changed the blog to UTC-4 since we jumped ahead one hour. Check this site, http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc and you will see what it is for your city. Then do as I said above and click the drop down under Timezone and you will find the one you need. I checked it for New Zealand and it said +13, but that might mean from my location because they have me listed in Buffalo. If you change it on the blog, it can always be checked and changed again. You have to save it, but just go back and pick another one if you are wrong. When I am in Site Stats, the correct time is shown in the upper left corner, so I know I have selected the right UTC code. This maybe the very reason you have lost a post. It is not lost, just posted at the incorrect time. I did that once and found it before another post that was already published.

  17. Donna, I’m a follower and regular, excited reader of both of your blogs. Within the (still) short lifetime of your new blog you already managed to separate into the central theme “garden” (here on GWGT) – still with some nice complements (birds) – and the more nature/birdlife/wildlife related themes including a large number of stunning, correlating photographs on NaWiPics.

    I still like it very much to find part of it on Garden Walk, Garden Talk – but in the meantime I started to “expect” more in-depth posts about birds/wildlife on your new blog. It’s a bit like finding the appetizer here and enjoying the main meal over there (as far as birds is concerned).
    I wouldn’t separate rigorously or stop completely on GWGT as often you can’t really separate your favorite topics! And it’s nice and freshening. I never would persist in saying posts showing only garden photos or containing only pure garden topics were monotous, but it can’t hurt to surprise or to add something different, too.

    I’m pretty sure you will find your very own way or the best solution by observing the further developement, by watching your visitors behaviour and taking their reactions into account.

    I enjoy all of your articles and photography! (Doesn’t matter where …)

    • Thank you so much, Michèle . I am very glad you are following both blogs. I see you have greenhouse plants on your post today. Your weather is much better than our weather. It will be a while before I am out with only a light jacket.

  18. Les says:

    I am game for most anything, as long as the photography and/or writing are good. That said, travelogues are a favorite topic.

  19. Really wonderful ‘up in the air’ photos, Donna.

  20. I love everything you do, Donna. Your photography is stunning and you are an excellent writer. Of course, as a garden fanatic I appreciate those blogs, but I don’t limit myself to the garden topic. In fact, I really enjoyed your recent travel postings. I must confess I don’t go to your other blog, because I follow so many. But I will hop over there from time to time. P. x

  21. Great to hear your nature pic blog is taking off too….I think the way you link the 2 works many times, but you don’t always need to if you want to highlight gardens and other topics here…and great to show people how to schedule posts….I schedule mine even when not away…it helps to keep me organized.

    • My posts are always scheduled. I am not one blogging as often as many do, so I like when the posts go live without me. I do post a lot, just don’t do the blog extras that many do. My blogs are more on things going on in my life and how those things relate to environment, climate, habitat, and wildlife. Having had a professional life where those things mattered, it is how I tie in my job in architecture without actually showing buildings.

  22. Thanks for the tip on scheduling posts! I another blogger who never figured that out. As for what I’d like to see on your blogs, I love to see the bird photography on either one. On GWGT, I like the visits and commentary on different gardens. I would be interested in more about your experiences with different plants. Also I’d like to read more of your thoughts on garden design.

    • Did you read my reply to Raewyn? If you are going to schedule that is important to read. I forgot about that in the post. I just assumed everyone knew to change the timezone. I too like the commentary on garden posts. Today’s post seems to have hit a nerve on using Miracle-Gro. Just using it on my containers seems to be what caused the discussion. I do talk on design quite a bit and had a whole series on the Process of Design when I started the blog. It was quickly noted how many gardeners don’t think much of designers. Reading posts bashing master gardeners really made me stop posting good design. Too many of the “gardeners” looked down on those doing more than a home plot. It befuddled me why that attitude.

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