This Week is for the Birds


This weekend, I hopefully am going with the birders for the Lake Ontario Plains field trip for early migrants. I say hopefully since we had a snowstorm all day Thursday and flurries on Friday.


Last year it was still quite snowy and the areas we visited near the Lake were covered in ice. The fields were a bit more difficult to see birds, many being quite a distance for my lens. I went with my friend Barbara last year and we are going again this year. Both of us enjoy birding quite a bit.


This year I was hoping it would be a bit better with sunshine and less snow and ice. Spring for me is all about the birds. A few bulbs breaking through the frozen soil is neither that interesting or much to photograph. Right now, none are showing anyway, not even one nub. I would rather show you the actual flowers like I did on the last post on Allium, than some tiny nub or frozen leaves in the ground.


The snow has not stopped the birds though. My backyard is filled with songbirds, many getting down to business if you know what I mean. It is rather R rated back there. No pictures since this is a G rated blog. 😀


The beautiful birds in this post are those I saw on the same field trip last year. The snowy owl was the highlight, but seeing the Blue Herons this early was nice too even though it was not nice weather for the herons. So far this March, I have seen a number of heron in Dunkirk NY. So far, we are still too ice-covered.


Ducks were a common sight last year, as were geese and swan. I do know flocks of snow geese are around our area. Swans too.


This year might have a few new finds, the birders always have a few surprises. We do have the greatest birders around too.


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20 Responses to This Week is for the Birds

  1. aussiebirder says:

    Lovely post Donna, love the breeding plumage on the herons!

  2. Great photos. It sounds like you got more snow than we did. Stay warm!

  3. David says:

    I agree, great photos!

  4. Love your photos. You take the best bird photos. I’m not sure what the last duck was though that you shared.

  5. The heron photo is very beautiful and so sharp. Not sure my secondhand camera can do that. I was given it so am trying it out.We have a lot of grey herons by the Thames in London. We see them on the Algarve sea shore but this year lots of different egrets and curlew. On the Donana wetlands I have seen purple herons.

  6. Victor Ho says:

    Birds in flight! Great shots.

  7. Wonderful photos, love your bird posts! Thanks for sharing

  8. Pat says:

    Beautiful photos.

  9. debsgarden says:

    Beautiful way to celebrate the potential of spring! We have Blue Herons in our area, and I have seen them at a local lake. Their plumage is so lovely! I appreciate your photos, as always.

  10. I look forward to your photos and stories from this weekend’s adventures!

  11. I love your photos. Even though we are going into autumn I have noticed that our bird life are still really active. But then our autumns and winters are very mild here.

  12. ah yes, lovely photos.. i hope that the weather allowed great outing… z

  13. Wow, you see a great variety of birds on this trip. I’m on an email distribution list for Illinois birders so I know they are also venturing forth and getting lots of sightings. Not a lot going on bird-wise in my garden yet, however, including no avian hanky panky that I’ve noticed. The squirrels have been absolutely brazen, though.

  14. Phil Lanoue says:

    Terrific assortment of birds! Always love seeing the GBH and hoodies!

  15. Fab shots of these birds…I hope the trip will happen for you…it is supposed to reach the 50s for 2 days and just about 40 the first half of the week…still 90% covered by snow and freezing yesterday. Spring will be coming soon though as more birds are showing up here now too. And I just found a small patch of crocus blooming under one of my front trees…I was stunned to see them.

  16. A treat to see all these birds braving the change of seasons. Love that strutting duck at the end!

  17. Mike says:

    Terrific photos! Which lenses did you use to take these, especially the owl and the heron in flight?

  18. Love yor beautiful nature photos 🙂

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