The House of Birds – Bird Nests


Turkey Vulture

I am so stoked that Game of Thrones has resumed and Winter is Coming. At least on the TV show, winter is on its way, here we had 75°F on Monday, along with April showers. Birds have been busy everywhere building nests, staking out territory, now raising young.


In the bird world, they have their own Game of Thrones happening daily. Birds have been stealing nesting sites, holes, boxes and laying eggs in the crafted nest of others for the nest owners to raise the interlopers. Every day is a battle for life and territory.

Male Belted Kingfisher

Male Belted Kingfisher

Birds construct nests from all kinds of natural materials like grass, mud, leaves, lichen, feathers and fur. Some like stuff we make such as paper, plastic, rubber-bands, and thread. Some nests are like castles they are so large.


Canada Goose nest.

You can find nests almost anywhere, even on a scape on the ground. Birds are and were busy gathering building materials too.



Nest 3 feet off ground in woody shrub at shore edge.

Most are found in trees, yet others are underground in burrows, cliff side, some on or in our buildings. Remember I said some nests are like castles? See the tiny osprey head below?


It takes these birds a lot of work to make a 400 lb. nest like above and then much more work guarding it from nest thieves. I just saw a show on Nature about bird nests from around the world. You should catch it if on Public TV again.


Oriole Nest

I am always amazed at the beauty, variation and intricate construction of the nests. Also how many birds steal nests or use the nests of others was shown in the Nature special.


Osprey nests are homes to a neighborhood of House Sparrows. It was funny seeing all the sparrows going in and out while the Osprey sat on their clutch.


No doubt who rules this mighty Kingdom. Checking on the commoners below? Eagles make really large nests too.

Is that a Golden Eagle I saw on Monday above? I had to lighten the image of the bird to see the patterning, it was so dark brown. The eagle was big, did not look like a first-year Bald Eagle juvenile and had no white markings on the chest, just that kinda dark buff color (which I lightened to see in the photo). Also the legs are fully feathered, young eagles have bald legs. I did not even ready the exposure until it was almost too late. That’s what I get since I ignored it as maybe it was a vulture (paid no attention to the wing shape) until it flew in closer. Bald Eagle sightings have been more frequent along the Niagara this year too.


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15 Responses to The House of Birds – Bird Nests

  1. Very cool. I just saw a grackle outside my office window yesterday with some kind of old grass or stem in its mouth. Looks like they are building a nest around here. I had a robin this morning eyeing up my window. Last year a couple of sparrows seemed like they were going to build a nest in my window. I just had to make a few appearances and they found a better spot.

  2. Mike Powell says:

    It’s the season! It shouldn’t be long before we see baby birds. Mostly I’m likely to see only baby ducks and geese, but I’ll be looking for others. Your shots are spectacular–I particularly like the one of the Belted Kingfisher, one of my favorite birds, but one that has remained pretty elusive for me.

  3. aussiebirder says:

    Stunningly beautiful pics Donna! I usually have to lighten the underside of raptor wings also to get thebeautiful patterns. A an outstandingly beautiful post!

  4. They do have beautiful houses, don’t they?!!! 🙂

  5. A.M.B. says:

    Great photos! I rarely notice nests, for some reason. I need to keep my eyes open for them.

  6. alesiablogs says:

    I am always looking out for nests! Great post!

  7. Now that the leaves are dropping I am finding nests everywhere here in Hastings. It is always fun watching the birds gather their materials in the spring for nesting.

  8. Nick Hunter says:

    What’s not to like about wing shots on a blue canvas?! Beautiful. We have nesting Ospreys less than an hour away – I have never been within camera range of one and must investigate.

  9. My husband watched that show last night and also recommended it. I missed it because of my book club, so I’ll try to watch it online. Nest-building is fascinating. Everything about birds is fascinating. Everything about gardens and nature is fascinating. [Yes, I have a bit of spring fever. 😉 ]

  10. Great shots. I love that bedraggled osprey with the expression of intent concentration. I hope spring is here to stay.

  11. You really have shared the best of this “mighty kingdom”, Donna. Love the varied nests, and – especially – that totally adorable Osprey chick peeping out! And, even though I know this is what happens, I can’t get over how you are now seeing so many of our south Florida winter season birds!

  12. What amazing photos! I think you have outdone yourself.

  13. Hasn’t winter been coming on Game of Thrones for the last three years? Anyway, love the photos. I’m not very good at spotting nests unless they are in obvious locations, like the Cardinal nest in the Lonicera sempervirens last year.

  14. I vote for juvenile Bald Eagle based on the diagonal white bars on the wings and white axillary regions. Great shots.

  15. Nesting going on here too although many are waiting for a bit more leaf cover…and the rabbits have built a nest in the garden too…I love the osprey/house sparrow nest. Tree Swallows just returned as well. Great shots Donna of a variety of interesting nests.

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