Toronto Skyline – Garden Bloggers’ Fling 2015


The trip to Ward Island was my favorite part of the Fling until…

we went to the Toronto Botanical Garden (4.5 acres of pure gardening delight) for our final dinner. The gardens there were spectacular and I will show them shortly.

The only kink in our trip was when a downpour came as we left Ward Island. We were soaked even though wearing a rain jacket and having an umbrella. On the ferry we were still getting hit by the driving rain. By the time the ferry docked, the rain was pretty much over. I found out that this storm did not hit Niagara Falls, but by the time we drove home from the train station, Niagara Falls got their rain. Yippy for my garden!!!! In fact, three days later, it still was raining quite hard. Happy, happy plants.


Unfortunately for our group of three, we had to head out before the Fling and dinner at the Toronto Botanical Garden was concluded.


Barb and I had a great time visiting a city both of us were quite familiar, her more than me though. I have visited Toronto many times and never took the ferry to Ward Island. The last post showed why we were there, but I was very happy to see the Toronto skyline from the ferry. It is the best view of the skyline at sunset, but we were greeted by a storm. Not too bad a view though, right?


People in New York who live along Lake Ontario can see Toronto almost every clear day since it is only 30 miles across the lake. It is seen, but still rather small. From the ferry, it is a wonderful view. I only had my Nikon P510 along, and happily so I might add. I packed light, but came home with so much swag my backpack and carry-bag weighed quite a bit.


I think this was the best organized Fling I attended. The gardens were well-selected and varied with something for every taste. The organizers, Helen Battersby of Toronto Gardens, Lorraine Flanigan of City Gardening Online and Veronica Sliva of A Gardener’s World, and Sarah Battersby of Toronto Gardens, each planned perfectly, even down to getting us the taxi to leave. I was very impressed and thank them for all they did to make our trip a wonderful, carefree experience. I even came home with all my Canadian money spent.

Toronto has one of the most beautiful skylines I have seen even though the height of the buildings are shorter than other cities like New York or Chicago. The CN tower is pretty tall, but not as tall as a few others around the world.

Tomorrow, I have a collector’s garden from the Toronto Fling. Usually I don’t do posts each day, but my garden is following the collector’s garden. I will be looking at her garden as a designer, then making note of how I approach “cramming in the plants” and keeping them healthy.


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20 Responses to Toronto Skyline – Garden Bloggers’ Fling 2015

  1. It was nice to see you again. Sorry you had to scoot off at banquet time. It was a great fling indeed! The city skyline against the water was so captivating, especially with the storm brewing. I got wetter than I have in a long time. Two rainstorms in one weekend. As long as the camera was ok, I won’t melt.

    • Thanks Janet. Seeing everyone after a couple of years missing flings was wonderful. The predictions for the week was thunderstorms, but they were promised for months and nothing. I was glad for the rain. I was glad to leave the bigger camera at home too. The little one is easy to put in my pocket.

  2. You captured some great shots of the skyline! It was beautiful with the storm rolling in, wasn’t it? I enjoyed the rainstorm, but I was glad I made it to the ferry in time. Actually, it was perfectly timed. I’m glad your garden got some rain.

    • Thanks Beth. I agree, the lighting was wonderful on that storm. I wanted to take the earlier ferry, but Barb convinced me to wait. I was glad for the images though. Yes, the rain!!! Love it for the garden after the drought.

  3. Sorry I missed attending this fling with you. It was just a bad time for someone in the nursery business. Glad you had so much fun.

  4. Toronto is one of my favorite cites, I have visited many times on business. My only regret is I have never been to the botanical garden there, or gotten to see the wonderful private gardens.

  5. connie661 says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about the fling. By the way, we were kayaking on Lake Ontario on Thursday, but a storm was moving in and we couldn’t see Toronto. Too bad.

  6. Dee says:

    I love what you’ve written about the fling. I was so sorry to miss it mostly because I won’t see my fellow flingers for another year. I know the organizers worked so hard on it. Sounds like you all had a lovely time.~~Dee

  7. Loretta says:

    Ahhhh Toronto, my second home away from home. I spent 10 years in this vibrant city, then moved to the USA. Love Toronto in the summertime, but not the winter! Now, I don’t remember a Botanical Garden in Toronto, but on looking further, I see that they perhaps changed the name, it used to be called Edward Gardens before? Great shots of the skyline. We usually drive up (a 10 hour drive), but the last time we took a flight on Porter Airlines from NY to the Downtown airport aonthe island strip in TO. It was just fantastic landing there, so beautifully serene and a view of the tall buildings in Downtown TO. Glad you had a great time.

    • I love winter even though it can be brutal at times. They did not change the name, but are going to acquire the Edward Gardens next door. We walked through it and it is also beautiful. I thought the island strip airport was pretty cool even though I did not fly there. Thanks, we had a great time.

  8. You captured the skyline really well. Judy also took some skyline pictures from the island and they were challenging because it was so misty. You’re right that this was a very well-done fling. And the swag was almost overwhelming. Great seeing you again.

    • The photos would have been a bit better with my D750 camera and wide angle lens, but I thought the little P510 did a nice job. Yes, they did load us up with goodies. I was in the garden this morning using the tools (3 Tine Cultivator and the spade) I received from Lee Valley tools. I also bought an identical professional Felco replacement pruner from them (with that generous $50 gift card). I know the Felcos last a very long time, but I keep “losing” the one the tree farm gave me around the garden. At least having a replacement, I can find at least one of them.

  9. Wow, that’s wonderful praise, Donna, thank you! We couldn’t do anything about the rain, unfortunately. But where would gardens be without it? See you next time — and if you’re ever in Toronto, please let us know.

  10. A wonderful skyline and I have to say your praise is high indeed for the organizers…

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