Garden in July – Dusty Doldrums of Summer?


Why heck NO if you follow my tiny garden through the seasons…you’ll see much happening from the insects, the birds and ultimately the blooms. July is a time of extravagance. The birds are busy, insects multiply and the blooms burst. I love this time in summer.


Crave Color?


Like many gardens on garden walk tours in this area, my garden explodes in color. These gardens all over WNY strut their stuff for the tours. Many prepare specifically for the big show to come, but some like mine, start early with bulbs and perennials, and hope for the best come tour time.

Spring is reserved with pastel color in my garden. As the season progresses, the palette holds every color an artist desires. Fall starts in rich, deep jewel colors, then succumbs to the tawny shades known to fall. Later, browning remnants grace winter with freshly fallen snow.

Some of the containers below….

But what about summer? It has an informality of plants that don’t succumb to the heat. Hovering high above the other garden partners, the long-stemmed verbena boniarensis explodes like a July 4th firecracker. The Asclepias tuberose lights up the garden while the lilies wave the flag, “Over here guys.”


This post is divided, the front today and the back gardens on July 14th. The last I posted on the front garden was back in June.


Click galleries to see what blooms might be missing… yes we had a summer wind storm knock the daylights out of the tall bloomers. Above, remnants of the Delphinium. Yesterday’s post shows how many were toppled.


Gardening always trials the gardener. Look at that cool insect on the hibiscus!!! A Rosy Maple Moth maybe?

Setbacks and all, the garden is still awash with color, many blooms yet to open. Daylilies are just beginning…echoing summer has arrived.

The view from the street.

Summer is busy, and getting around to garden chores is well, a chore. I only trimmed the boxwood on one side and the shaggy side is next – beds edged and weeded at least. Next, the rear gardens and views I rarely show, the shade areas.


Didn’t know it until WP sent me the Happy Anniversary Achievement today, 5 years of blogging which reminds me of something… a goal I had after the first year and never mentioned.

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32 Responses to Garden in July – Dusty Doldrums of Summer?

  1. David says:

    Since I don’t have a garden at my new house, and very few flowers, I’m envious of all you have going on this July. I had planned to have something going by now but all the rain, and now the very humid heat, has kept me at bay. My first goal was to get several rudbeckia plants in but no one is carrying them because with all the rain they can’t be planted nor maintained in the small nurseries I shop. Maybe I’ll have better luck weather wise at the end of the month or in August. Congratulations on your five years of blogging.

    • Thank you, David. We have been more dry this year, and when rain is expected, it seems to just miss us. Today and tomorrow have a good chance. Fingers crossed! Good luck on planting. End of the year values at nurseries get started in July.

  2. A.M.B. says:

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! That’s quite an achievement!

    Your garden is stunning in July. Mine is a little dull right now, but that just means I have to figure out what blooms best (and won’t be eaten by deer/groundhogs) in my neck of the woods this time of year.

  3. Brian Comeau says:

    Happy Anniversary! Congrats.

  4. Congrats on five years! Thanks for the long views of your garden. The colors are so cheerful!

  5. I can never get enough when looking at the photos of your garden, I am anxious to see your post on the 14th…Summer is such a sweet time in the garden; I now visit my garden daily and spend as much time as I can watching this wonderful world change hour by hour.

  6. Five years and still going strong is quite an achievement, congratulations! Your garden looks spectacular. I think that how a garden performs in the heat of the summer and stands up to dead of winter make a garden. I’ve stared at your hibiscus plant photo I am trying to find the moth and only see a candy-striped leafhopper and Japanese beetle. Where is it hiding?

    • Thanks Karin. The heat has been a bit daunting for a few days.You are right, that is a leafhopper. I thought it too big for one and I was unsure what it was. I did not even see it until after I came inside with the image. When I went out after, it was gone.

  7. Annette says:

    I’m a little envious of the freshness in your borders. Nothing but drought in my garden and things start to look tired. Fab images – a true heaven, you must be very pleased with your achievement, Donna 🙂

    • It has been dry here for the most part too. I was going to water yesterday and looked at the weather report for today and they said 50% rain. I held off. I really hope we get rain, it is needed. Even the asters look dry even though I forgot to take their photo.

  8. Your Garden blog posts are always just TOO beautiful for words> Even though I’m just not inclined to dive in and try this, I love seeing the photos and appreciate all the people who put so much care and thought into their gardening!

  9. Pat says:

    Your garden is beautiful. Congratulations on Five years of blogging.

  10. Congratulations. 5 years of blogging AND gardening is a full slate. Great job and beautiful pictures.

  11. ‘A time of extravagance’ — what a perfect way to describe your July garden and mine, too, Donna. Your front gardens are amazing — can’t wait to see the back gardens. P. x

  12. Alisha says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary of blogging Donna…your gardens are incredible …

  13. What beautiful colors in your garden and they all blend so well. You make it all look so easy and carefree!

  14. We have the same combo of Butterflyweed and Daylilies. Great minds … Your garden looks brilliant, love the color. My garden seems to be running behind by a week or so from its normal schedule, the Daylilies didn’t really start blooming in force until yesterday.

    • I have so many daylilies this year because our Garden Club picked them up for our Perennial Sale. All named varieties so it was a good deal. I just got a sprig of each so now they are really starting produce. I will have to be sending them to the Sale or be faced with an entire garden of daylilies.

  15. Congratulations on 5 years! I admire your organization (lacking here) and the quality of your posts. No wonder you have so many subscribers!

  16. bittster says:

    Congratulations! Five years goes pretty quick doesn’t it 🙂
    Always look forward to your posts and there’s always something new and interesting.
    What was the goal though? I missed it somehow.

  17. Gorgeous flowers, and congratulations on your anniversary! Isn’t that beautiful metallic-colored bug a Japanese beetle?

  18. Really breathtaking Donna…I love the hot colors mixed with whites…really pops in the front garden….and congrats on 5 years of blogging…hard to believe!

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