Garden in July – Rainy Day Goodness


Just mentioning that rain keeps passing us by… we get a nice day of rain on Thursday. The sun came out in the afternoon with plants refreshed. I rarely show my shade plants because the garden overwhelms in color, but here are the shady areas in the back gardens. Like yesterday’s post, it was sunny plants all the way. This post mixes it up a bit.


The gardens in the back are little tree-covered garden rooms all having different character. Click through the galleries to see just about all of the gardens in the back. I love going to forests and woodlands, and as many shaded woodland gardens as you have seen on GWGT, you know I like to design and visit those gardens in the woods.


My property is tiny, but has quite a few trees which does afford shade and a bit of city privacy.

You can see a few of those trees in images to follow. I just happen to like flowers a tiny bit more than the shade loving counterparts. It is the “sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t” mentality. Some days shade is all you want around you. Even the flowers feel that way some days.


Shade means cool and moist. I think if the flowers could get up and move they would.


Some of the ‘hanger in there’ toppled Delphinium from Strong Wind, Garden Containers and Flower Arrangements.


This view below is from inside the dining room. It makes the garden seem BIG. BIG, BIG because the dining room jogs back into a separate garden space, plus you see the huge walnut and mulberry behind my garage to extend the view.


The rain was a nice change to really green up the gardens. The gallery below shows most of what you can see of the back gardens. I only skipped the driveway garden – sometimes I forget stuff. Just trimmed the boxwood and didn’t clean up the clippings yet either. Oh well, another day.

Famous last words right, “I’ll do it another day.”

Every so often a sunflower pops up. Feeding the birds in winter makes a few garden surprises. I even potted a few up that I rescued from too shady a spot.


You can see the Japanese Beetles and slugs like zinnia. One good thing about the lack of rain, it means the lack of slugs too. I always wanted a few chickens for slug patrol. Maybe one day if I move…

Joining May Dreams Garden – Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.


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19 Responses to Garden in July – Rainy Day Goodness

  1. Absolutely gorgeous – I really enjoyed the tour Donna, Eileen

  2. Your shade garden is a lovely retreat, especially from the hot summer sun. Nice that your garden received some much needed rain. The rain is either fest or famine depending what part of the country you live in this summer. I never had a problem with slugs until a few summers ago when we got a lot of rain and they just appeared out of nowhere.

  3. I just love your joyful garden, Donna! All living together in perfect harmony! 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos of beautiful gardens. We just got a nice, steady, 10-minute rain here in Amherst. Now I don’t have to water the garden. Maybe some of that rain is headed your way.

  5. Your boxwood look gorgeous. I didn’t even notice that you had just clipped them and the droppings were on the ground until you mentioned it. Beautiful color in your gardens all around.

  6. Love your garden, you have flowers already and mine are still coming! Been a long , cold winter over here!

  7. Beautiful garden. It’s rainy here, too, but only 9C. Still, there are a few flowers, some early spring blooms starting and the buds on the fruit trees are swelling. The days are getting longer!

  8. Karen says:

    Your gardens are a true delight. The rain has been passing us by for the most part. My husband has been watering the vegetable garden for me to keep all the plants happy and healthy.

  9. bittster says:

    Always a pleasure to visit your garden, and this was a nice little tour around the back.
    Everything looks great and I love the sunflower. I can almost feel the relief of the plants as they soak up the rain!

  10. Lovely! Is that an Autumn Brilliance Fern I spotted in one of the shots? I have tried twice with that type of fern, but it never makes it through winter. I am not sure if it is me or it isn’t hardy here. Ditto on the orange milkweed in your previous post. It never seems to make it through winter for me. I might give it one last try in a different spot.

    • Hi Jen. Yes that is Autumn Brilliance from Monrovia. It is zoned to Zone 5. It is partnered with Heuchera ‘Carmel’. They make a nice combo. When and if both get bigger, I am going to divide them for a better showing. Heuchera is not that great in my garden though. It does not like the heavy clay. The butterfly weed breaks really late in spring. You might be weeding it out. I did that one year by mistake. Here they grow wild in the meadows at the Falls.

  11. Your gardens are so lush and gorgeous Donna! I am especially enjoying the shade area.
    Bloom Day Post:

  12. I also love the sunny, colorful, flowery gardens best – most of the time. I notice you are growing a lot of plants that are thought of as sun lovers (Cosmos, Zinnia, Sunflowers) here – is it mostly a light shade? Also love that big blue pot with the Iris and blue flowers – Campanula carpatica?

    • North side of home, fence plus trees puts most of the gardens in shade sometime during the day. The Cosmos and Zinnia get harsh west sun for a few hours. Big blue container has glads and petunias. The other matching container has glads and verbena.

  13. Ray says:

    The white cosmos add a nice touch to the beds photographed. Speaking of photographic, the first one of the lilies is a great shot!

  14. alesiablogs says:

    beautiful photos. I am so behind with my emails so just now catching up….

  15. Simply beautiful and I loved seeing the shade garden Donna. Glad to hear you got some rain….just 2 weeks without rain and my garden was thirsting…luckily we finally had some rain last night….funny how it has been passing us by in the central part of the state and moving South of us or just north.

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