Niagara on the Lake – Flowers Line the Street


One of the prettiest places near my home is actually right across the border from me. I recently was visiting Niagara on the Lake with my friend Barbara. She is the gal I travel with most often and we both share a love of gardening.

What is it like visiting Niagara on the Lake? It is like visiting a European town with street-side cafés and people shopping with an international flare. You are transported miles away from your ordinary town to a place where the streets are clean and the flowers are planted with abandon just about everywhere flowers can be planted.

Granted they are all annuals, but what a show of color! In my post Cluster Theory – In Garden Design, I show containers with both annuals and perennials, but the annuals do make a prettier display to span the year. Let’s keep walking…


The café terrace where we stopped for lunch was adjacent to a luscious garden of heirloom vegetables and fragrant herbs. You could just smell the sweet fragrance of freshly picked herbs they were growing for the wholesome and rustic menu. I did not photograph while in the restaurant though, but did snap the photo below of some of their containers.


Another café below had a very colorful display.



Stroll a little further down the street and a charming little bakery with vintage styling draws you in with rustic wooden floors, time-worn counters and a touch of retro. That is what it is like to experience this adorable little town.

You get the quick aroma of coffee with a side of cookies, chocolate, cakes, and frappés. You wish you could have one of each! The aroma of the coffee follows you for hours. It is like tourists from all over the world mingle in friendly conservation at the cafés. I am not even a coffee drinker, but the delicate aroma could have converted me.


Niagara on the Lake has luxury boutiques and beautiful elegant streets complete with horse-drawn carriages, but you feel like home away from home with the friendly people you meet. There is a beautiful floral display at each business you pass.

If ever in Niagara Falls, Ontario, take the leisurely and scenic drive to Niagara on the Lake.


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22 Responses to Niagara on the Lake – Flowers Line the Street

  1. cookie says:

    LOVE Niagara on the Lake. Stayed here several times either in B & B’s or the old hotel. Enjoyed walking the streets viewing and smelling the flowers, the shops, the food and the wine. Should be a trip for all.

  2. Wow. Those pots and planters are stunning! It reminds me of gardens back home in Bavaria. Winter here now, so the garden is a bit bare, although the plum blossoms and jonquils are out and make a pretty contrast to the snow on the mountain. We have just bought some land in the country and will be building a house. Gardening will be a challenge, what with the rampaging wallabies and other wildlife, who have eaten the grass that’s there down to soil level! I’ll be documenting my progress on a new blog and retreating to your beautiful pictures for an occasional rest and feast for the eyes.

  3. So lovely walking down those streets… almost fairytaleish! Thank you, my dear Donna! 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  4. johnvic8 says:

    We spent a great week there several years ago for the theater programs. It was indeed beautiful. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Nurse Kelly says:

    Looks lovely, Donna. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

  6. Margy Rydzynski says:

    I love NOTL. I’m originally from Buffalo and went there on occasion. Lovely place!

  7. Loretta says:

    Love Niagara on the Lake too, gorgeous planters. Just got back from Toronto, took a trip to Wards Island where we used to frequent when we lived there. I remember your post on the island, I’ll be writing up my soon. What a neat getaway from the city, and oh so close!

  8. alesiablogs says:

    Beautiful and European feel for sure.

  9. John says:

    Years ago we visited Toronto to see some friends and made the trip down to Niagara and Niagara on the Lake. It was quite a lovely and enchanting place.

  10. What a lovely colourful oasis. Beautiful photos

  11. aussiebirder says:

    Stunningly beautiful Donna, what a beautiful place to be and behold!

  12. arlene says:

    Oh wow, what lovely blooms. My eyes had a feast looking at you photos Donna 🙂

  13. My favorite place to visit when we’re in the area. Even in the fall and winter it has so much appeal as well. They really do it “right” in that little Village! So quaint and welcoming!

  14. Alisha says:

    thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures Donna ..

  15. it is arguably Canada’s prettiest town. Your images do it justice with the pretty gardens and planters everywhere.

  16. bittster says:

    That settles it. I’m updating the passports and starting applications for the kids, and we’ll be up there next summer! You make a good salesperson even if you’re not trying 🙂

  17. What great displays! Just lovely.

  18. Sounds like heaven. I love streets with lots of colorful flowers, be they annuals or perennials. I’ll have to get there some day.

  19. We visited Niagara on the Lake a couple of years ago, it is truly a great place. The variety of flowers in the streets is something that we encountered all across Canada actually, they make a place so much more welcoming I think.

  20. You know I have never visited this lovely spot….and your description is perfect…like a European city. I wish more American towns would plant flowers in and around the streets and businesses. I rarely see it here, and never to this degree.

  21. wonderful pictures in a wondeful land

  22. A.M.B. says:

    What a beautiful place! I’ve never been to Niagara on the Lake. I’ll have to go sometime.

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