Traveling in Comfort


… If you are willing to pay the big bucks for first-class leg room, fully reclining seats, decent meals, premium entertainment and room to move. Today, I am on a weary nine-hour bus ride from Pennsylvania after garden-hopping all week.


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Boy, this month was a real downer for travelers. First the airlines entertained changing seating patterns to save space (picture sitting backwards if in the middle seat) and boy would it be a nightmare.


Then I read where the airlines were going to decrease the size of carry-on bags, again to economize on space. That was hit by massive objection in the US. Imagine the cost of having to replace your luggage.

Serbia-on-DanubeThen the absolute worst suggestion made by airlines, already in consideration by a few… weighing travelers along with their luggage and paying by the pound. A few airlines are considering this and a couple already adopted it. I have a bit of bias on this one though having been seated beside a traveler far too large for their seat on multiple occasions.

While being weighed would be rather embarrassing, I do see the value for the safety of the plane. Like excessive security at the airport, I just feel a bit safer, but this means some overweight people could be expelled from flights if limits are exceeded. I am glad not to be in that category of passenger. Me and my carry-on rarely equal the weight of people seated next to me.


My next flight is headed to Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Last year being in Eastern Europe and having a very long, delirious flight home, I swore I was not going back unless in business class. I am traveling on United/Austrian Air with no miles to spend on better seating, so I may be walking the aisles. I have a claustrophobic problem in tight quarters in conjunction with circulation problems!


So for packing for Germany in November…

I am stumped somewhat not using my usual carry-on bag. I will be taking my larger check-in suitcase and hoping to get 18 days worth of sweaters in the bag. Mix and match? Well most of my clothing will be dull black and grey with layers.

I also want to take two cameras this trip, and hopefully get some interesting light. Last year I suffered camera damage and struggled with exposure. The key – don’t bring so much stuff to compete for seat comfort or endanger equipment. That will be a tall order taking two cameras, an iPad, iPhone, toiletries and a change of clothes if the checked bag gets lost. I can pack a bag efficiently, but when traveling for 18 days in cold weather, it is a challenge.


In late January this year, I went to Seattle and Maui and packed for three climates in two carry-on bags. I just wore the 2 heavy sweaters with a turtleneck, and jeans tucked into boots. I used one sweater as a head rest on the plane. Might be doing that once again.



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16 Responses to Traveling in Comfort

  1. Christie says:

    You photos bring back such wonderful memories to me. I’ll be packing soon for a 30 day trip to Europe – I’ve have the luxury of laundry service on my boutique ship since I’m a repeat customer. Once we travelers arrive at our destination – all the travel hassles fade. Enjoy your upcoming trip and remember to layer and repeat outfits:)

  2. cookie says:

    We just took a river cruise down the Danube. Wonderful trip…enjoyed your pics

  3. Traveling can be a hassle especially by air even in the US. We have a family event trip for October…I would not like the weighing of passengers.

  4. David says:

    Really nice shots with an very enjoyable post.

  5. Beautiful photos and I love the light in these as well.

  6. I hate packing, and if you have to pack for several possible kinds of weather, it’s especially difficult. Have fun on your trips!

  7. alesiablogs says:

    Those bags, bags, bags to pack are always no fun!!!! I am making my obligatory trip to my moms in the south, but the catch is I am going to TX after leaving her. I am wondering about my packing! But, alas, the good news is I will wash clothes at my mothers and wear the same stuff in TX! They will never know!. Aghast!!!

  8. Indie says:

    What great pictures! I’m impressed that you managed to pack such a difference of outfits and all that stuff in two carry-ons! I can’t even imagine sitting backwards in a plane. Speaking for all those who get motion sickness, it would be a disaster.

  9. Your photos are so amazing, really makes me long for another European visit; I do struggle with the discomfort of flying and it does make me think twice about taking a trip…I love your posts Donna, you are developing such an interesting voice as a writer.

  10. Is Premium Economy an option? We treated ourselves to that once and it did make a huge difference. Still expensive, though. There are some websites that tell you which seats have extra legroom, too, they may be worth checking out. It’ll be worth the temporary discomfort when you get there!

  11. I always struggle with what camera and lenses to bring, and usually end up with too much. The clothes are easier.

  12. I hadn’t read about the weighing of passengers. I’m sure that won’t fly well, especially with Americans. I too have been seated next to someone that shared half of my seat on a flight. It wasn’t very comfortable for either of us. Packing is always a struggle for me. I tend to over pack when I traveling by car, simply because I can. But when I am forced to pack efficiently I usually choose camera accessory over extra clothes. I am looking forward to reading about your trip. We lived in The Netherlands for 5 years and I grew up in Germany. Don’t forget to pack your rain gear!

  13. Another fun trip in the works. I’m jealous :-).

  14. Airline deregulation started out offering a great deal of value for consumers but I’m afraid it has not worked well in the long run. Discomfort is one symptom of the problem. That’s my view, anyway. Enjoy your trip to Europe – sounds wonderful.

  15. Denise says:

    Have you been to the Netherlands before? I hope the weather will be nice over here in November.

  16. lula says:

    Last weeks I missed some of your posts and this is so fun! I have all the trouble in the world when packing and it’s not for lack of experience! The more I travel the more I tend to anticipate any need and I always fail in packing light. I envy you for being able to travel with just carry on!!! I look forward to reading about your travel to Germany.

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