Why I Am Taking Time Off From Blogging


This was an unplanned post.

I will be taking time off from blogging for a while and thought to tell you why.


I drove myself to the emergency room last Thursday with heart trouble. The cardiologist, after reading his monitor, told me I really should have called an ambulance. Loss of oxygen was affecting my brain by the time I made to the ER. After barely saying my name correctly, I found myself collapsing into the wheelchair the nurse provided. They rushed me right in and repeatedly tried to get the heart to normalize but were having some difficulty. I was placed on oxygen and IVs were inserted for the drugs to get the heart rate under control.


I have had heart tachycardia complicated by arrhythmia my whole life, and this cardiac event turned out to be a heart attack (had a few mild ones previously) which in turn did some serious heart damage.

I just knew the symptoms were different since it was the first time my arms went weak, but did not think to get to the ER until five hours after the first event. I rested and felt a bit better, made lunch, then it happened again. Standing there, I got so dizzy, then laid down again to alleviate the dizziness. Time to get help I thought since I myself could not get my heart to resume normal beating. Usually I could on previous occasions. Stupid to drive myself because I suffered a sharp chest pain on the way.


The odd thing about this was on other occasions the heart rate was much faster (about 300 bpm, not the 220 bpm they recorded on Thursday), and the symptoms more violent, like breathing difficulty and collapsing where you can’t walk or even get to a phone. These type of episodes are usually short in duration (less than half an hour), where the heart resumes beating normally on its own. This time, more mild, but more damaging.

After a day and night at my local hospital, I was quickly transferred by ambulance to the new heart center for a cardiac catheter ablation. I have no memory of the ablation because they gave me an intravenous IV with a drug that put me out. I did wake while the catheter was still in place and they quickly knocked me out again.


Having had this condition a very long time, I have been very conscious of proper diet and maintaining good physical activity. I also have rather low blood pressure with the systolic reading almost always below 100, yet never bradycardic luckily, except once when the doctors induced it on a tilt test. Trust me you don’t want to hear the last words the technicians scream, “Her BP just dropped to 0”, then be out like a light. They showed me the printout how the BP became unreadable. Scary.



It seems, living right is not always the only answer to good health. I have a few friends doing destructive things to their body or engaging in questionable behavior and never suffering illness or ill fortune to this degree.


Not to bore you with my difficulties, but I just wanted to let you know that posts are scheduled until I leave for Germany October 30th. I scheduled posts since I was going to be pressed for time. I hope the doctors (and I had 14 of them between the two hospitals) “fixed” me enough to travel.

I also hope you will continue to read GWGT since I doubt I will be getting to read blogs. Many, many doctor’s appointments/tests between now and Oct. 30th., also some scheduled, good posts. Comments will be turned off. Sorry I can’t respond.

TrolliusIf I get to travel, I will resume posts from there with comments activated.

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