Color Me Happy, Happy, Happy


I think people are preoccupied with being happy, especially how they measure up to how happy others are feeling. What is happiness anyway? A feeling? Science says happiness is how satisfied you are with your life. It is having more positive emotions than negative emotions.


Certainly it comes from a variety of experiences. If things are pleasurable like a vacation, that can make us happy. Happiness can come from being good at something, something engaging, using a talent for instance. Maybe it can come from giving of oneself or one’s time to others. I find myself happy in any of the three examples.


Happy people usually are nicer to others, are more helpful, or just exude a happiness that makes other people feel better. They make others around them happy. Happy people keep promises to others and are always considerate of their feelings. I prefer happy people. It seems some people who write blogs are always happy. Others, not so.


Depressed people are not supposed to affect others the way happy people do. If depressed, they can’t make you depressed, but they sure can bring you down.

Two years ago, I photographed these leaves and wrote the posts Leaves Stuck in Nature’s Limbo – Thursday Thought, and Color My World Tuesday. Each post touched on why fall is a season to cherish. It hinted at people who write negatively or pine the loss of summer seem to be not very happy. Every year it is the same story. Pining for spring when Autumn, a season of great beauty, arrives. Why can’t Autumn then winter not provide happiness? I find them both exhilarating.

Some people force happiness and you just can’t fake what you are not truly feeling.


Color me happy any day of the week. Just keep the depressed, critical and fake happy people away. Even though science says they can’t rub off on you, I don’t want to take the chance.

Are you happy when there is no reason to be? Nature makes people happy and I bet if it could be bottled, more people would ask for a prescription. Nature being responsible for happiness has been in the news a lot lately too.


It seems brighter colors like above help with happiness. Duller colors seem depressing.


Animals make me happy. Plants themselves don’t “make me happy”, yet a garden can be pleasurable and happy inducing. A walk in nature is pleasurable. Science puts a lot of money into finding what makes people achieve happiness. Stick people in nature and there would be a lot more smiles all around.

I am away from blogging at this time. To know why see, Why I Am Taking Off From Blogging.

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