Off for a Bit…Then a Bit More


Taking time away from blogging for a few months as you may have noticed.


I will be traveling at the end of this month, and hopefully can give you update posts during my travels. I return to the US mid-November.

Hopefully my health holds out as I mentioned in, Why I Am Taking Off From Blogging. Check out that post to see why.

Many folks in my area are getting very sick like I did last year around this time. The unnamed, debilitating upper respiratory illness hangs on for months. I have one friend who is already two months into this sickness and it has gotten very critical sending her to the hospital with severe breathing difficulties which developed into pneumonia. I am hoping to avoid this with my condition and all my recent doctor visits.


Some of my favorite previous posts will be loading during my absence, also, some new posts that have been waiting a turn to go live. You may have noticed some rewritten posts recently. With new readers, the older posts have a new audience and regular readers may find good posts they may have missed, or something of interest in any of the posts coming. Photos in this post were taken at Chanticleer this past August.


Thank you for reading GWGT. Posts while I am away will have comments blocked since I am still busy with my health. Things are better some days, other days not so much. Hopefully in a month I will be back in tip-top shape. I will be back blogging in time too.


Be well in your part of the world. One month from now, I will be in another part of the world…


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