Round, Red, Radiant, Apples – Happy Fall, All!

The Apple Farms of Western NY.

Cortland apples are sweet and juicy with a touch of tartness, making them a great choice for baking and slicing in salads. In fact, the white fleshy Cortland was created in a New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva in 1898.

Apples are being brought in crated from the fields.

Many varieties are still producing, like McIntosh, Fuji, Empire and Johnny Macs.

But Cortlands were developed at a time when the criteria for a good apple was quite different, where baking pies was what the apple was grown for. The Cortland is a cross between the McIntosh and Ben Davis varieties.

Apple cooking tidbits

  • One pound of cored and sliced apples, measures approximately 4 1/2 cups.
  • Three medium-sized apples weigh approximately one pound.
  • You will need about two pounds of whole apples for a 9 inch pie.
  • One large apple, cored and processed through a food grinder or processor, makes about 1 cup of ground apple.

These McIntosh above are ready for picking, but the Cortland are pretty much picked for the year and ready for cold storage. I did get the last of them for my pie.

Interestingly, apple eating dates from Stone Age cultivation in areas we now know as Austria and Switzerland. And the US today follows the Peoples Republic of China as the second largest producer.

If you are Greek, you are probably familiar with apple tossing. Marriage might just be in your future if you toss one at a girl of your choice.

Most of you know this one, that if you rub cut apples with lemon juice , it will keep the slices and wedges creamy white for hours. This one you may not know. Keeping them cold is great for storage, but did you know apples do not freeze until the temperature reaches 28.5° F?

No matter how you slice it, New York grows great apples. They are in the top six producers nationwide including Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, and Virginia.

And, why pick the Cortlands….

The Apple Walnut Pie

And who wants a piece of fresh from the oven, homemade apple walnut pie? My secret ingredient is maple syrup, in the pie and drizzled over the vanilla ice cream. I can not get enough maple syrup at this time of year. My other favorite Fall pie is a wet bottom Shoe Fly Pie, a Pennsylvania Dutch delight, an easy to make, yet decadent, gooey brown molasses pie. Yum, yum, yum with many memories of home.

A little cider and this is Fall to me… Happy Fall, All!

I am away from blogging due to health reasons. I had some set backs with continued chest pain from the myocardial infarction and an allergy to an iodine IV I had for a CAT scan.  Today I am at the cardiologist for a blood clot in my lung and the fix if that proves to be one of my problems. Hopefully, all goes well. Still planning on going on my trip. Enjoy a few of my favorite posts while I am away.

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