“God Made a Farmer”

EdenFarmFarms give a sense of time long before, a vocation as old as civilization itself. Farming is a type of living much more important to family and community, being an integral connection to land, season and cycle. Farms and crops come in many types, but they all share a love of the land.

BarnEastPASeeing red barns dotting the countryside really brings a feeling of comfort and peace, at least for those observing. Farms are a place where a lot of work is going on from sunup to sunset.

HorsesAnd I know first hand too… I was on a horse farm the whole time living in Pennsylvania, and up here, work with a tree farm. Farms are work, work, work.

BarnWNYEven though family farms are disappearing, it still is a life worth admiring, even envying. Not because it is easy, but because it is hard, yet fulfilling. Can you think of a job with more personal reward for such hard work?

FarmPerennialsHow about those that take the time to adorn the working barns with flowers, similar to what they plant around the farmhouse? Pretty nice… no?

BarnPA-2Occasionally, barns are artfully sited as if in a pastoral postcard. It takes care in planning and knowing the land to make such a beautiful sight.

FruitFarmers are a jack of many trades, but growing produce is one of their specialties.

EdenFarm-2Sadly, we are witnessing the disappearance of farmland and this way of life. Barns in disrepair are becoming a more common sight.


TheFarmNothing like fresh grown…

VegetablesSome of the farms you are seeing in this post are from Amish country. It is a place where farming life is still celebrated, viable and secure.

BarnLancasterCalifornia is not the only place with happy cows!


BarnWNY-2Sometimes it is the fields blowing in the breeze that draw one in.


ChickensOther times, it is the animals that make the place.

BarnHamburgNYSome farms even raise flowers for sale… with fields after field of beautiful color. See next post on Wednesday Walks this farm in bloom.

People who run farms are really special. My favorite commercial from Ram Trucks, featuring Paul Harvey…. says it all so beautifully. I remember hearing Paul Harvey on the kitchen radio as a kid. I knew then his thought was deep and meaningful. A mainstay of American living rooms 50 years ago, his words resonate even stronger today.

Next post will be on getting ready for my trip, then a post from Austria if I get internet to post it. Comments will then be made available and appreciated.


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