The Garden Gone Golden


For those of you in warmer climates, I am sure your flowers are still in bloom. You must have sent some of that warm air northward because many flowers are still blooming up here in Canadian border towns. I could take you to places around me for gorgeous fall color, but having been quite under the weather so to speak, I have not been getting out since September 17th. Many places around the country are in peak season for colorful fall foliage. Here is no different. I hope you too will take a close look at and enjoy the delightful colors of autumn if you can. Are you like John Muir living among the trees or Emily Dickinson happily creative in a garden? Or are you both?

I love having a garden that looks colorful or interesting all year-long, including winter. I have not been out photographing since September either and if you know me, photographing the garden for updates is not my thing unless I have some design advice or wildlife suggestions to pass along.


In Niagara, the gorge leaves are golden-yellow and crimson, the air crisp, the water cool and clear, the sky absolutely blue. Really there is nothing better about life on days like this. Leaves pile at whim, gathering colorfully at the base of mailboxes and fence posts, many a homeowner cursing their very presence.


I happen to like the leaves, kicking them skyward like I can send them back to their tree. I especially like photographing them in every season too. Those above are from my pear and all the Norway maples on my street. A walk to the grocery store gives a lot of leaves to shuffle through. If you like leaves too…my post Color Me Happy, Happy, Happy has the leaves I like to photograph and also an important opinion message on Autumn.

I am off to Germany in a few days and will post on my day leaving if I get the chance. No internet on the plane unfortunately. I will get photos on the blog when I get internet either at the hotel or on the boat.

Will I miss the garden? Still wild with color, but not likely since I am too excited to see new places. Here are a few garden pics just to show you what still is colorful in my garden. The bees are still happy even though today is a dreary day at about 60°F in late October. Sure the garden has toned down a smidgen and the wildlife is headed for their winter haunts, but it is still a time to enjoy the season.

And my health…well I hope all is well. Feeling a bit down due to uncertainty and having a cold, but otherwise feeling better than I have been. Still many doctor appointments and conditions to “fix” when I return. Next post…some stuff on things I did for my trip before I got sick. Comments are open…any are much appreciated

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  1. lulu says:

    Two nights of frost and all but a few brave blooms are gone from my garden.

    • We had a light frost too here a few nights, but much of my garden is a micro-climate above. Not to mention living near the river and between the two Great Lakes keeps our area warmer than many surrounding areas. Not long though and all will be brown.

  2. bittster says:

    Have a great trip!
    After a warm spell and hopes for a mellow autumn, a strong freeze shut down all the tender plants. Leaves are coming down now and the next milestone is the first snowfall!

    • Thank you. Leaves here are dropping also. It has more to do with the street trees being drought-stressed for years and often browning and dropping early. My Japanese Lilac trees are half bare. We had sleet the other day and I was sure the tender flowers would perish, then the next day was warm again. It really is a see-saw weather pattern.

  3. Well I hope you get the OK to travel… is wonderful to see new places. We just got back from Denver for a family wedding….I enjoyed the time with family and exploring a new spot. Have a ball and safe travels.

    • Thank you. I did get the OK to travel from the cardiologist, but still have one appointment before I go. Should be OK. I did read on FB you were in Denver. I popped in there a few times lately since I have a few friends also traveling these last few weeks.

  4. Glad that you feel a bit better now, Donna! Thanks for these beautiful autumn impressions and now I’d like to wish you a safe trip to Germany, good health, friendly weather circumstances, interesting discoveries and a general very pleasant time during your stay!

    Till soon!

    • Thank you. I do hope for an uneventful plane ride. I started brushing up on my German speaking skills, but then I figured so many Germans speak English. At least if I hear them speaking German, I will likely get the gist of what they are saying. It really looks like the weather is going to be mostly rain-free. All the days in Austria they are predicting sunshine. Being of German descent and my father’s relatives being from Bad Dürrheim, it will be interesting for me to visit the area. While not actually getting to Bad Dürrheim, I will be very close. My mom’s family came from Aschaffenburg, Bavaria.

  5. Debbie D. says:

    Hellooo Donna, I always love receiving your posts, soooo beautiful, especially those leaves! I grew up not to far from you so it brings back happy memories every time. Enjoy your trip, can’t wait to hear more and better health to you…d

    • Thank you. I really hope to get a good feel of Germany and I hope it translates in my photos. I plan to take my good camera and wide-angle lens for all those castles and cathedrals. Last year, I could not get the giant buildings all in the frame with the zoom lens I took. Plus I took my old camera.

  6. Stunning colours. We still have sweet peas and cosmos but wind and rain tattering the last blooms now. Enjoy Germany .🌸🌸

  7. Hi Donna,
    When I first thought of replying to you, I thought I would mention how you seem to be such a brave woman considering your travel plans and your health conditions. Then I thought, “She’s posted something recently about God.” Let me say to you that you have uncertainties in your life but so does everyone. What we do have most certainly is a God who will care for us no matter what.

    When you received that reprimand from the hospital that you should not have driven there, I believe that embedded in that message was a Word from God, something like: “Donna, you know …” So it is our Lord Jesus who is the brave one and you just need to hang on for the ride.

    May you enjoy your trip and may you enjoy His Presence with you.

    • Thanks Tom. I have been thinking of God a lot lately, not just for my health, but for the state of world affairs. Travel to countries accepting all the migrants gives me pause. I have a post coming up on that too. Not that I know what should be done since I sympathize with both the migrants for their hardships and the countries not willing to accept them any longer. I know my uncertainties about my health are more being a worry-wort, my cardiologist even thinks I am being a bit too anxious and says my heart needs time to adjust to my operation – more like heal itself. Two out of the three issues with my heart are now identified and being cared for, yet one is still not yet known. That is why all the testing and doctor appointments.

  8. Thanks for the lovely pictures. Enjoy your travels and we pray for continued good health!

  9. Donna, I am so excited to see you back online! I’ve been neglectful for at least a week, and haven’t been keeping up with my fellow bloggers till this afternoon. As others have said, safe travels and enjoy your trip – I hope it will be a most restful and enjoyable journey.

    • Thank you. I have been neglectful for over a month with the scheduled reposts, but am hoping to keep up and visit bloggers now. I was supposed to keep off the computer and get exercise walking, but the doctor did not want me going anywhere like nature reserves. I spent time walking the neighborhood close to home. I am used to jogging and have not been able to do that. No regular exercise or even things like mowing the grass – just walking. It has been a bit of a bore. I have been resting and do want a little excitement. I am sure the trip will have that.

      • I once had surgery for which the post-op instructions were to ‘just walk’, and it turned me into an avid walker! If my walk doesn’t happen to be in a scenic, natural spot, I always listen to audio recordings with headphones – classes, books, pass the time. Enjoy the trip!!

        • I have my iPhone with music too. I used to listen to books, but I have to get some new ones loaded. I now have an app for blood pressure and heart rate which I have to check often, but it also has how many steps/miles I walk. I never knew I walked so much. My highest day last week was 15.37 miles October 21. Now the app chides me for not walking that much every day. Today it messaged me telling me I am far behind what I did last Sunday. Before it was encouraging, now I get the sad face icon.

  10. A little bit of both is the answer to your initial question. I always love seeing the photos from your garden, the colors are truly stunning this fall…It appears that your health has improved, I think you know we were all holding our breath for a bit, hoping for the best.

  11. My dear Donna, I’m sure all will be okay + fixed – meantime, have a great time and a safe journey home! Sending my thoughts…

  12. Hi Donna. Glad you are feeling better. Here the autumn colors are rather muted, but you do have some gorgeous color there in your garden. Enjoy the trip to Germany!

  13. Still no killing frost here, either. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you’re still able to go on your trip. I enjoy all your posts, including the updates on your own garden. Take care, Donna.

  14. I’ve been thinking about you often, and glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. Have a wonderful trip, and looking forward to your photos.
    You’re garden still has some beautiful color in it. We got 8+” of snow last week. It melted a few days later and warmed up a little, but today we had some rain. I’m having a hard time getting out in the garden to finish up my chores before winter.
    Take care-

  15. May says:

    Wishing you all the best with your health and on your travels. I have felt too uninspired and distracted to keep up with blogging or reading other blogs but I am glad I still get email updates of new posts. I miss seeing the beauty of other parts of the world and your photographs have always been amongst the most beautiful.

    • Thank you May. I know the feeling getting distracted and uninspired with blogging. Being told by my doctor to stay off the computer had something to do with that though. I too have missed much around me in the last two months, but am looking forward to travel hoping to see many beautiful sights.

  16. Andrea says:

    Hi Donna, they are all wonderfull, awesome as your photos always are! I read your replies to others comments, so i know how you are now. We bloggers care for other bloggers we always visit, i am sure most of us feel the oneness in us all. And of course we care, for you I do. The first time i read that report you said you drove yourself to the hospital, i am so concerned. I can relate with you because i just have been found to have high blood pressure for 3 months now. It coincided with osteoarthrities of the knees and some stomach problems. Now i am on maintenance, but i guess mine is not as scary as your condition. So i hope you take care very well, and please be stress free! God bless.

    • Andrea says:

      My comment is the only one without a reply! I came here to check, lol. No worries Donna, please take care.

      • Ha, glad you let me know. I did reply, but WP must have messed it up and deleted it. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know what you mean about blogging. I get worried when I don’t hear from blogger friends for a long time.Too many times that has happened and some disappear with not notice on the blog.

        I have the opposite condition of you. My blood pressure is very, very low. I have almost passed out a few times lately. That is one condition the doctors have not yet gotten under control or even found the cause. I am glad not to have high blood pressure since that leads to stroke. I hope they get your blood pressure under control. I was warned about staying stress free. It is hard to do that sometimes too. You take care of yourself too.

  17. Maria F. says:

    Thanks so much for your beautiful posts, and I hope you’re feeling better!

  18. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and are looking forward to your trip. I loved Germany when I went almost 15 years ago. We took some German language classes before going, but yes, most people spoke English better than we spoke German. But the Germans think you’re cute when you try. I’ll be very interested to hear about the migrants.

    • I had so many years of German in middle, high school and college. You would think I would remember more. I bet though if I lived there for a while, I would be speaking fluently rather easily. I plan to talk with them. I do it when meeting Germans at the Falls sometimes. Once in Costa Rica, two Germans were complaining about my friend wanting the air conditioning turned on higher and did not have a clue I understood them insulting my friend.

  19. roger Brook says:

    October is one of the finest months in the garden. I just love the combinations of Autumn tints, mature flowers and second comings.
    We call the lovely spells of Autumn weather Indian Summers.

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