Ich Liebe Passau


We really had a wonderful day exploring the border town of Passau. The town marks a place where you enter Germany from Austria. It has so much old world character, from the tight winding streets, to the castle on the hill. Three rivers converge (Inn and Ilz), but the Danube is from where we sailed and is shown in this post.


The town is great for shopping, with an open air market that fronts the cathedral a few days a week. The cathedral is quite nice.


I took some nice shots of the cathedral, shops and colorful houses, but they are on my bigger camera which I will show when I return stateside.


I have to admit, Passau is geared for tourists. It offers a lot of beauty with loads of art and some handmade crafts, not to mention the bakeries and chocolatiers. Passau is called the “Venice of the Danube” because of its waterfront and many ships and boats constantly passing by.


I will keep you posted for the next town we hit.

We have had a snafu in our travel plans though. It seems the summer drought really caught up to this area of the world. Our boat has been stalled on the Danube due to water levels being too low for boat travel. A few cargo vessels got grounded ahead of us which had to be unloaded, in turn impeding our travel. Our cruise line has alternative plans for us though, but we have to wait and see what they may be. Today we went by bus to Regensburg from where we ended up in Vilshofen before our boat was stopped at that point.


Ich hatte das Gefühl die Menschen in Passau konnten mein Deutsch verstehen . Es hat mich sehr gefreut. I am not sure of speaking German, but I have been trying. Images in this post are from the town of Passau and from the palace high above the town, which we saw on Friday. It is a many step walk up to the palace, but you get a great view of the town below.



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16 Responses to Ich Liebe Passau

  1. Charlotte House says:

    Hi Donna,
    Beautiful pictures…..glad you are well and having fun! Hope your water voyage can continue.

  2. cookie says:

    Passau was my favorite little town we visited this past June. Loved the umbrellas hanging to ward off rain. So it must really work?

  3. debsgarden says:

    Your images of Passau dare quite dreamy. I had never heard of this town; thanks for the introduction! Sorry that the drought has affected the river and your plans.You don’t know what comes next? An adventure!

  4. Maria F. says:

    I’m so glad you’re having a good time. What a gorgeous city!

  5. One of my kids did an advanced degree at the University of Passau so we had a chance to stay in Bavaria and visit the town, it is as special as you say it is; it holds a lot of good memories.

  6. Beautiful city! I love places that have kept some of their medieval flavor (though only if they also have all modern conveniences!),

  7. What a beautiful area! Have a great time!

  8. Beautiful photos. Brings back a lot of memories for me.

  9. I loved your photos, and the sights are amazing. I’m really glad that with your previous health issues you were able to travel. Looking forward to more photos of your trip and your “big camera”. Have fun! And even with the change of plans on your trip adventures are always exciting!

  10. Hallo Donna! Ich freue mich sehr, dass dir Passau so gut gefallen hat und du verstanden wurdest, als du deine Deutschkenntnisse angewandt hast! 🙂

    I knew they would try to understand and obviously your knowledge ist quite good! Congratulations!
    I really enjoyed your photos taken in Passau. My mother once had a stay at a health spa near to Passau during the winter season and she was rather enthused about the town and the site in general. But only now and due to your photos I get a visual impression of it.
    I hope that you can continue the boat trip! I heard about the low water levels and the difficulties.
    Good luck!

    Und nun bin ich sehr gespannt, was du noch alles entdecken wirst bei deinem Aufenthalt.
    Liebe Grüße!

  11. lovely to read and thanks for sharing.

  12. Love all your pictures of Passau, Donna. The first and fifth are my favorite. I am enjoying taking this wonderful trip with you — virtually that is. Stay well! P. x

  13. There are always snafus with travel but glad to see they have been able to still get you around to these beautiful spots….continued safe travels as you show us these stunning scenes.

  14. rose says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, Donna! I spent two months in Passau while in college studying German at the Goethe Institut. It was wonderful to see images of this beautiful city once again; my dream is to visit it again one day. I remember having a little trouble understanding the people there at first, because they spoke with an accent different from the German I learned from books:) I’m glad you were able to converse with him. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten most of my German now…I’d probably be able to ask where the hotel was or where the closest restroom was, but that’s about it:)

  15. I have ancestry in Austria and Germany, and I really enjoyed this post. It was Prima! 🙂

  16. roseman7stan says:

    Ah Germany….. My ancestral home! Another of those places I would love to visit but never will…. Love your photos and to hear of your delight in your travels there.

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