Christmas Trees 2015

Ornaments-2015Christmas 2015

This has been a very volatile year in so many ways. The world is changing so rapidly from climate change to geopolitical tensions. Technology soars ahead at breakneck speed, yet the world faces a crisis in fresh water supplies in parts of the world. People are being displaced at record levels, more than at any time in recorded history, fleeing their homes and seeking refuge for safety in other countries. We need some holiday joy! All these world problems are getting very hard to fix.


I think as we head into this Christmas season, this is a year we should look hard into what the holiday season truly means. It is not all about the gifts, the decorations, or the holiday feast. Hopefully it is about a world pulling together in peace and with the conviction to have a healthy planet. We need people to find that joy, and look forward to a better future.


It is a year to count our blessings. Fresh food, clean water, adequate shelter, economic security, good health and all the other things or people we take for granted. Not everyone is so lucky.

Livingroom-Trees-2015I decorated four small trees this year, all artificial. I don’t have it in me any longer to get a big, fresh tree. My health has been declining and I have been told I can’t lift anything beyond 20 lbs. any longer. No more digging in the garden either. So Christmas has been downsized, and the garden just gets cutting back.

Therefore, I did not decorate with as much gusto as in previous years, 20122011 and another from 201120102009 (my favorite and before I started the blog). No Christmas decorations in 2013 and 2014 as I visited family in Pennsylvania. Check out the other years when I had real trees.

I have many lightweight decorations, so I guess each year I can just keep switching off.


I was at the doctors last week where they have me wearing another heart monitor. A doctor visit today looks like I will be going in for another operation too. Not sure when though. It seems like the doctor visits never end. Another appointment scheduled next week, one the week after, then another on the 29th. The new year starts it all over again with one the first week. I have to say I am getting weary of all this. Oh, well, pushing on…


Coming up… posts on crafts I did in previous years for Christmas. Want to raid your garden for easy to make Christmas decorations? Plus how do you pick a Christmas tree? And…those European Christmas markets up next, how are they doing this year? Some photos of them being built around the European cities and towns.

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  1. libbylottie says:

    So sorry you are not in good health. Praying for you. Did you mention the name of that gorgeous kitty? ~Ann

    • Thank you. The doctors are working on me, so I think all will be well in time. The cat is Frosty. He followed me home and invited himself in. He got his name by being on the streets for a few years, and going through winters. He showed up at the back door with ice icicles in his fur.

  2. My dear Donna, your decorations are beautiful and in many ways an artificial tree is better than a real one. The sight of dead trees lying next to the garbage bins in January isn’t a nice one. When I was little I cried when we threw one away – hence they never brought a live one again!
    I hope the heart monitor will show good results. May December be a joyful month and may you come out stronger and in perfect health. A big hug to you and an ..order: be well! 🙂

    • Thank you Marina. I agree on the live trees. When I cut my concolor down, I knew it would be my last live tree. I was sad for months. I am well-cared for by the doctors. My new monitor gives alerts if anything is wrong to send me to the hospital. After the last incident, it is better they come for me rather than me trying to get there myself.

  3. Lesley McClave says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your decline in health. Just know many have so enjoyed your blog. Your photography is amazing and I have looked forward to each and every post. Holiday blessings to you and yours. And…your trees are lovely.

    • Thank you. It is why I have not been getting out for my nature photography. The doctors forbid me going out on trails myself, getting out of cell range, or going too far from getting to a hospital if necessary. I was allowed to travel though since I would not be in the middle of nowhere like I often am when birding. Since I am traveling again in February, they have stepped up finding out all that is wrong with me. Holiday blessing to you too.

  4. Very well-said, as always Donna. Your trees are so pretty. We still go with a live tree, but I understand the decision to use an artificial one. When we’re finished with our tree, we usually put it out in the garden for a few weeks, and it provides cover for birds in January. Then we cut it up and burn the wood. My parents have had artificial trees for years, and they are beautiful. Holiday blessings to you, and I’m praying for successful treatments. You’re right–we all have so much to be thankful for.

    • Thank you and a most beautiful and blessed Christmas to you too. My favorite thing about the live tree was putting it outside for the birds. I used to get some fun photos of birds using the tree, even though there are quite a few shelter trees in my small garden. They always picked it as a favorite.

  5. arlene says:

    Be safe and well Donna. Merry Christmas. May the meaning of Christmas gives you joy.

  6. bren0404 says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed your blog. Your pictures are exquisite. The cat on the table is such a serene shot. I use an artificial tree most often. I don’t always have the time , usually because of work commitments, to look after a natural tree inside, Take care of yourself and I will look forward to more of your columns.

    • Thank you so much. Frosty is a character. Usually he runs from the camera even though he is a ham quite often. It is true a live tree takes more work. What I do like about my artificial trees is 3 of them are pre-lit. That saves an enormous time of work and effort.

  7. David says:

    Very nice photographs. You have an artistic eye combined with flawless technique, quite a combination. The last one with the cat is my favorite. Be well.

  8. alesiablogs says:

    nice post Miss Donna! I like the cat..Good of the little thing to look so pretty for your camera!

  9. This is the Christmas I give a goat as a gift, and spend a bit more time at the food bank…I can’t change the whole world, but I can change a bit of it.

    • It is great to change what we can and improve the lives of those we help. Kudos to you helping the food bank. Each year a few organizations in our area collect for the food bank. The post office used to, but we did not get that letter as of yet.

  10. Your decorations are gorgeous! I’m glad you were able to enjoy doing that!

  11. lula says:

    Anything done with love surely will look beautiful, so are your trees. Take good care of your health and enjoy taking the slow path to Xmas, we all should do the same. I am not sure if it’s me, but this year it feels more about consumerism than ever, and that is not what Xmas is about. Holidays for me are a time for reflecting and enjoying others company in a relaxed way, that is the biggest gift. Is difficult with so much sadness, but let’s hope the best for the world.

    • Thank you, Lula. It has been a slow path and strangely that feels more comforting. I have been getting out very little, but it gives me more time for baking and cooking. They are two of my hobbies and I usually put loads of love into each dish I make. Baking more because after coming back from Germany I had to make all those treats I tried there. Danube Wave Cake is next.

  12. Miriam Miceli says:

    even though I don’t know you personally I feel a connection with you through our love of gardening and the wonderful things nature provides for us.  I had a heart attack Oct. 28th – me the so-called picture of health – things went smoothly though and after 2 stents and 2 nights in the hospital I feel good now.  Doc said genetics and years of that darn cholesterol building up. I never took pills in my 72 years and now I had to buy one of those weekly pill holders for everything.   I look forward to reading  your site – I wish you the best for the coming year health wise 

    • Thank you so much for you thoughts and comment. I almost mirror your experience, minus the stents. I have had high cholesterol (off the charts high) my entire life. I just went on Prevastatin five months ago – after four of what they now call silent heart attacks. Usually they are so mild you don’t know they are happening except for the scarring they cause, but the last was quite evident to me with the sharp chest pain. My brother too has been on Lipitor for too many years. I was always healthy considering my cholesterol levels though. The doctors are still looking for one other issue. They have identified one electrical problem, very low and erratic blood pressure, and one circulation issue. My case is complicated because how you medically address each issue so far is in conflict with the other. Medicine has to be carefully considered. Thank you and you take care of yourself too. May your New Year be healthy and grand.

  13. I’m so sorry Donna, I will certainly keep you in my thoughts this season. Best wishes and a speedy recovery!!

  14. Your photos are so cheerful. So sorry to hear you are not well. All the best for your health.
    I agree that consumerism has taken over Christmas and other holidays when we should be thankful for what we have, and not what we want.
    Take care

    • Linda sharp says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. I will be praying for you – for good health as well as God’s comfort, strength and peace. Donna, you have truly blessed me with all of your beautiful photos of gardens and nature. You have such a beautiful way of looking at things and of sharing your wealth of knowledge. May god bless you!li

    • Thank you. It has been a trying couple of months with many good days and some bad days for me. I know I pushed it a bit traveling after my heart ablation, but they assure me it has helped. This year more than any in recent history, the world needs healing and unification. The problems need fixing and the people causing the havoc need eliminating.

  15. Donna, your Christmas decorations are beautiful and serene. You are so very talented in the decorating area and I enjoy all your wonderful photos. You’ve been an inspiration to me and I’m sure to others as well.
    I pray that things go well for you with your upcoming doctor visits, and that the New Year will bring you healing and peace.

  16. Your decorations are beautiful. I’m so sorry to hear that your health has not been good. I do hope you feel better soon.

  17. Kevin says:

    Donna, as always, your photos are spectacular and your post is so relevant. I find myself craving old-fashioned holiday movies and shows — perhaps a revisit to earlier, simpler times. I will also be decorating an artificial tree — my first since I was a child. It just seemed to make sense, especially since I am in zone 10 and it doesn’t “feel” the same to walk through a tree lot when it’s 90 degrees. That being said, I was sad to hear of your health issues. I’m hoping that 2016 will be a year full of blooms, travels, photos and improving health. Be well!

    • Thank you Kevin. I think as time moves on, we all get that feeling of nostalgia and a longing for simpler times. Like you, I would have a hard time adjusting to Christmas in FL. Bathing suit Santa! Have a Merry time though

  18. Winterbourne House and Garden says:

    Our ‘Christmas trees’ are not decorated as beautifully as yours but they do have some interesing stories to tell Hope you enjoy our post as much as we enjoyed yours

  19. Donna, sit back, enjoy a warm beverage surrounded by your peace, knowing that you inspire others. Diane

  20. I love seeing your trees and decorations Donna. We used to cut down a tree and then put it out in the garden for critters. Now we have 2 small artificial trees. I do have some allergy issues around real evergreen trees so we had to give them up.

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