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Yes, that is what New Years is all about for many. Welcoming in a New Year and having a big party. Then paying the piper in muscle grinding resolution. Well, not for me. But that does not mean I did not celebrate. I did. I celebrated LIFE. Just glad to continue the one I have for another year. Plan all the things I want to enjoy.


But as always, there is much more to this celebratory story. I don’t make resolutions like many about losing weight, finding a path to God, being a better me, but rather, just tossing my goals or wishes out into the ether daily and hoping a few stick. The thing is, I try to experience challenge, growth and be fulfilled in all that I do. I hunt for things to surprise me with wonder and awe.  I don’t need that arbitrary and short-lived resolution with unattainable expectation. I don’t need a self-help word or chant to point my way.

What I celebrate is the everyday, finding the extraordinary in daily life, the beauty in the ordinary. Hey, if more people did, this world would be a better place. Embrace change, have a sense of gratitude, be kind to all beings, live frugally and sensibly. A way of life, not a promise to uphold.


Funny thing about getting sick, people around you get all kinds of preachy. They tell you how to live healthier, be active and eat better, as if they are morally and intellectually superior.

They assume you have things you did not fully consider or understand.  While that may be true in some respect, being preachy just reinforces their beliefs by gaining converts to their cause. It reminds me of resolutions. Not many listen or follow those either, both are annoying. We all follow the path of our own making. But when one gets sick, the preachy people don’t consider HOW one got sick. They judge.


For instance, some of my health issues are a result of the highly active life I led, always conscious to be outdoors and stay active. It was some of the sport activities I did that caused some of the problems I have now. Extreme sport can be hard on growing bodies. Now, I walk about 10 miles a day and do yoga. Running and aerobics are out for now, doctor’s orders for three more months.


Other causes were possibly because my mom drank (socially) and smoked her whole life but most selfishly through pregnancy. We know now how that affects children. I was premature, sickly and very tiny. I spent some time in an incubator after I was born.

Some problems are the result of genetics, having the same cardiac illness as my mother which finally ended her life. It is funny how all this compounds and catches up. It is not always eating wrong and sitting on one’s butt all day like the well-meaning folks assume.


Rather than dwell on what is or was out of my control, I tend to look to what lies ahead under my control, like eating healthy in small portions and staying active like I have been doing for many years.

Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee

Yet, the cardiologist told me to lose weight!!! In a rather preachy way too.

She herself had lost quite a bit of weight, so I sensed from where this was coming. Yet, she was nowhere near the weight she told me to achieve. In fact, she looked to weigh about 20 pounds more than me and we are the same age and height.  For my height, her recommendation is a hair above underweight according to the charts. She says that would be less stress on my heart. I pray she is right.


My general practitioner thinks this is too low and my weight is perfect for my age and height. BMI is perfect too. So what do I do? I probably will reach her suggested weight by default because I eat a lot of fish, chicken breast, vegetables, fruit and salad. I just did not like her approach of telling me.

I guess if I reach it, I will celebrate. Only 10 pounds to go and I will weigh what I did at 18. I just happen to like what I weigh now. But I will wait and see…since I have an idea what that extra 10 pounds is like to carry around. I walk with two, five pound weights. It is a bit cumbersome after a few miles.


My favorite little bird that makes me happy every time I see one. Pudgy little fellow, but in the animal world a little added pudge goes a long way.


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38 Responses to Join Together With the Band – Celebration Not Resolution

  1. aussiebirder says:

    Well said Donna! Yes, there are many factors to consider in health, and our predisposition through our family of origin does impact us considerably. As you have said we each deal with our health individually, as it is our health to do so, and it is wise to consider the areas we can improve to offset the suffering. However,like all things in our life journey it is affected by our choices.

  2. Donna, a great thing to celebrate-LIFE. Some folks like resolutions, some don’t….I like to use a word to guide me, and reflect…it is individual how we celebrate and bring in the New Year. Each to their own as it works, but the point is to celebrate life as you say…gratitude, embracing change.

    And we all have our health histories, predisposition and heredity. I also don’t like preachy people who judge either about my health or my life lessons that I learn and write about. We each do what we can, as we can to help ourselves….love your bird choice.

    • There are so many ways people bring in the new year all over the world. So many resolutions too. Sometimes the preaching is only suggestions or observations, I guess it is all the mood we are in at the time. I was a bit grouchy when I saw my doctor. I keep finding out more stuff wrong. My weight should not have been one of them since my clothes fit really loosely. She just pushed the wrong button.

  3. Brian Comeau says:

    Hope you are feeling better these days…. It’s funny how animals can get away with being a little extra pudgy and we can’t…

  4. swo8 says:

    A little pudge for the cold weather can be an asset. Happy New Year Donna.

  5. Nice image! I find chickadee are very cute birds! 🙂

  6. Charlotte says:

    Happy New Year, Donna!😊

  7. I suppose most folks are well-meaning, but I’ve experienced the same preachy thing a few times in my life, too. The temptation is to scream, “You don’t know anything about my experience.” Instead, I just felt down or tried to be assertive in explaining the situations. But it didn’t always come out right. Anyway, I’m thinking about you Donna. Here’s to a healthy, happy 2016! (Love the Chickadee photos. My favorite songbird. 🙂 )

  8. There are things in life that we can’t control. That’s difficult for many people (like me) to deal with, but you’ve nailed it! I’m trying to accept what life throws at me and enjoy it.

  9. I relate to your situation, as do others in previous comments….So, will mention something that struck me about your photos: the color palette of the bird is stunning in a subdued way, yet vibrant as in the illuminated snow one (#4)…makes me want to pull out some fabric and make a quilt based upon buttery yellows, creamy whites, sable taupes and inky blacks…with some splashes of warm,diluted, tangerines.

  10. Lisa - Ontario says:

    Really nice pictures of my favourite winter bird. Thank you for sharing.

    I know I have been preachy before (normally about people smoking around children and drinking far too much), and I have been preached at. Currently I have knee problems, which didn’t help the weight problems. When all you can do is sit for a couple of months, you tend to feel sorry for yourself and eat. Or at least I do. I am on the road to recovery and have worked myself up to walking 5 km on the treadmill, with a couple bursts of one minute “running”. So far the knee and the hips have tolerated this.

    • It is bad having knee and hip problems. I have a bad hip and it is painful. Sometimes the pain goes into the knee. I have a hard time on stairs. My hip probably needs replacement, but I have put it off for years. I doubt the treadmill would help my hip though. In time, it is inevitable. Do you have a link? None shows up here.

  11. Well said. I hate it when people tell me to lose weight, exercise etc, when they don’t do it themselves. I want to lose weight, but I have other issues that need to be dealt with first. So I will do it in my own time. This is my body and I live with it, no-one else does. I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions other than have a motto – onwards and upwards. Take care

    • Funny thing. To look at me, I don’t need to lose weight. I think she just wants me to eat as well as I should, which makes the pounds fall off anyway. Plus I walk a lot. Onwards and Upwards is a good motto.

  12. germac4 says:

    I am just amazed and delighted by your bird photos…so you have made my day! Thank you.

  13. Maria F. says:

    Have a great 2016!

  14. I love the ideas in your second paragraph and the little bird too. Here in the UK we have 3 that look similar, the Coal Tit, Willow Tit and Marsh Tit. Is the one in your photos the one you call a Chickadee? Apologies if spelt wrongly.

  15. Wise words. And far more souls are saved by quietly setting an example, rather than preaching.

  16. Thanks Jason. It may be a while before I am happy to see her again. 😀

  17. That’s the best portfolio of chickadees I’ve ever seen! Best of luck on the other issues–no advice from this quarter.

  18. bittster says:

    Sometimes bad things just happen to good people and you move on. Glad to know you just keep moving on, but it’s also irresistible to define the problem, find the solution and beat it, and I think you will. Some people really do get older and wiser and mostly it’s because of the way they lived, so never second guess that. I’ll stop there, I think you already know all this. Enjoy this mild winter and hopefully next year you can embrace another cold one!

  19. I love the little chickadees, too. They are so active. Your photos certainly are gorgeous! I did not know that you walk 10 miles a day with weights, too. And do yoga. You never cease to amaze me in all your activities. And with your health issues, too.
    My mother was like you in that she drank and smoked during pregnancies. I also was very sick as a young child with severe asthma. I eventually outgrew it, but now I still have some bouts with it. I also have severe osteoporosis that I’ve had since I was 50. I won’t tell you how many broken bones I’ve had over the years. Thanks for sharing your philosophy on life and your beliefs. It makes so much sense.
    You are encouraging me to get out and walk more. I’ve been very lax about it, and I really need to be more committed to it (and I need to lose a lot more than 10 lbs). Hope your health issues continue to improve in the coming year~

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