What Inspires You?


Hitching a ride.

I had to ask. Did you say the beauty of everything? Simple. You “snailed” it!

Once you start noticing the details around you, you automatically start seeing all the beauty you never saw before. Get out on the “snail trail” to find things to make you smile. Yes, it does take time and patience.


Fly blowing a bubble.

Every day is filled with the most ordinary things, but they can be extraordinary depending on your perspective. There is no doubt, photography changes the way you see things. It makes you look at things you would have just passed by.


You notice light, color, shape and texture. People, trees, flowers and insects are things that start to look different, even interesting.


Lethargic Wasp on cold November 17th. 2013

With all the beauty, variety and awesomeness that makes up life, who could not be excited to get out there and experience it?



I throw that question back at you. What inspires you?

Many would say helping others or doing good in this world. They are the altruistic types. Other would name people and reel off a list of names.



Yet others, nature is a means for inspiration. Fresh air inspires to fill my lungs and breathe in natural beauty. A look to the sky fills me with awe. Nature in its timeless wisdom, shows us ways we should be living, gives us a scolding clue when we don’t. It also is spiritual in knowing there is something and everything greater than ourselves.


Wonder and amazement are common responses to nature. When we view a forceful storm, a landscape vista, a view from a mountaintop, or a far-reaching sea, we are inspired with the grandeur of the world around us.


The nature trail through bushes, mud, and insects is where inspiration might be hiding for me. But, it can be just about anywhere.

Funny thing, when you find certain things, you just might ponder a deeper question, or even one that is just plain simple, but the answer elusive. The image below is on Nature and Wildlife Pics. See what I was pondering.

Sleeping Bee

Sleeping Bee

Even though this winter to date is less inspiring than those before, there are still places to go, things to see and stuff to ponder. What inspires you?

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I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at: http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com
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44 Responses to What Inspires You?

  1. swo8 says:

    I agree with you, Donna, that beauty is a real inspiration and you can find it in so many places and things.

  2. Paul Caron says:

    I love that you find such beauty in an ordinary house fly! It is so easy to forget that the mundane can be beautiful too!

  3. You are right, Donna, when you say “There is no doubt, photography changes the way you see things. It makes you look at things you would have just passed by.” Since I started getting more serious about my photography, and other photographers, they have inspired me to look deeper into nature and see its simplicity and complexity at the same time. And you were one of those people that helped me and continue to inspire me along the way. Thank you.

    • Thank you Sue. I think when people really start to understand the camera rather than use it for point and shoot, that is when nature becomes like a place to see possibilty. When point and shooting, there is no time for studying a subject or scene. It forces one to move too fast. I know when I am with a group, I tend to just point and shoot more. When alone, I experiment with my camera and what I am shooting more.

  4. Your photos are amazing! To be inspired, I think people need to get out into the world and talk to people and do things. You can’t get inspiration by simply staring at your belly button. Trying something and failing is better than just thinking about making artwork.

    • Not sure many just “stare at their belly button” hoping for inspiration, but it is pretty common to get inspiration or great ideas while taking a bath or lying in bed. The relaxation opens the mind. I know they have studied this for creative people too. I have had my best ideas come in both unlikely places. Nature can do that too, but I find there are too many distractions vying for my attention.

  5. Indie says:

    Love your photos! When I am lacking in inspiration, I usually grab my camera and go outside. I usually find interesting wildlife, or beautiful or fascinating things in nature. All the life that goes on just in my own backyard inspires me. I am a lifelong student, and there is always so much to learn about the world around me.

  6. “Yet others, nature is a means for inspiration. Fresh air inspires to fill my lungs and breathe in natural beauty. A look to the sky fills me with awe. Nature in its timeless wisdom, shows us ways we should be living, gives us a scolding clue when we don’t. It also is spiritual in knowing there is something and everything greater than ourselves.”


    I’m learning to fill my lungs with ‘fresh’ swamp air and not gag, and appreciate the sky whenever it peeks through the claustrophobic canopy of long-needled pines, sweetgums and myriad of other trees in this area. There is inspirational beauty everywhere, but I sorely miss my mile-high, clear & open skies, and my mountains…

    A few of those specific to this area are: the anoles on our front porch offer up amusing displays during the course of their daily life and the golden orb spiders around the back porch offer gorgeous webs that look like the old fashioned Jacob’s ladder design…

    • I do know many places or times of year are not readily inspiring. It takes looking a bit harder to see things worth observing. This year so far has been one of them for me. We finally got snow, then a few days later it is slush. Not much inspiring about slush. I wish we had anoles. They are so darn cute.

  7. Those who hold up a light so others can see, that’s what inspires me…The first snail photo is just stunning, your art just continues to grow.

  8. aussiebirder says:

    Beautiful macros Donna!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Terrific post as always Donna! I find inspiration in the oddest places sometimes. I’d say other people inspire me the most.

    • I think when I am inspired by people it has more to do with their accomplishments, altruism, if they make a contribution or are very creative. The idea of the post made me start thinking about people that inspire when writing this post.

  10. germac4 says:

    Terrific photos! I think looking at the world through a camera (others or my own) has helped me to pay attention and be inspired.

  11. mmwm says:

    Same for me … the sheer beauty of everything, from vernacular landscape to insect macros. Thank you for your post.

  12. Amazing photographs once again, the sharpness and detail takes my breath away. As for what inspires me – it’s not just one thing. Certainly courage and devotion to a greater good, when I see it in other people (not as often as I’d wish). But also a quiet, tranquil place. Birds and bumblebees, and masses of brightly colored flowers.

    • Yes, courage is a very good path to inspiration. We all could use more courage. The problem with attempting the greater good, is everyone can not always agree on the same direction to get there. Good for one is not good for all. It is one of the reasons people don’t all have the same politics. Intentions may seem good, but what hides under those intentions? Greater good is like a pretty package with a colorful bow. What is inside is what counts. My next scheduled post coincidentally is on “quiet”. I know you won’t necessarily agree on the “place ” to achieve quiet. Again, much like politics. People are all different.

  13. Oh yes nature is all I need….fresh air, patience and looking, listening, smelling what is around me! Of course there are some people and their actions that inspire too…..of course your photos are always an inspiration Donna!

    • I wish that is all I need, but I write on inspiration often being a creative. So many different ways to inspiration intersect in my work. Nature is but one path. The path we take is everchanging too. Thank you, Donna, nice of you to say.

  14. debsgarden says:

    There is so much I like about this post! I am especially inspired by the beauty of details in nature. Photography, especially wonderful photos like the ones you share, does help one to appreciate things we otherwise would overlook.

    • Thank you Deb, you are kind. My next post also looks at inspiration and notes how it is different to different people. There are so many things of which to be inspired. Sometimes it is place that reinforces the journey.

  15. Maria F. says:

    I’m inspired to learn the names of all the plants I know. Call it an obsession, but that’s what inspires me.

  16. alesiablogs says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me. I have a lot to be grateful to you for opening doors about cameras, nature, and just so much more with your informative blogs!

  17. The first picture is incredible ! Nature inspired me, with its raw beauty.

  18. lula says:

    I love the Impasse image!!! I think that inspiration may change along the years, but also I am pretty sure that there are some certainties that are true part of our own selves, maybe the best thing to do is going with the flow.

    • I find it funny watching snails. There are so many of them on certain plants or in certain gardens. I have seen them climb over each other with their sticky slime. The tiny ones especially. I agree, inspiration changes. It changes by place and mood many times.

  19. bittster says:

    Flies do not inspire me, but your words on filling the lungs and just being in awe of the sky does. I love that giddy feeling I get outdoors on a beautiful day (or even miserable day). Everything seems like it will be alright and I have to wonder why I don’t do it more. Glad to know I’m not the only one who gets that way!

  20. Barbara says:

    OMG – that first photo knocked my socks off!

  21. bee1designs says:

    OMG – that first photo knocked my socks off! Donna, you are an amazing photographer.

  22. flora says:

    wow really beautiful shots..i miss looking at your blog

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