When I Started This Blog…


Its main purpose was to have somewhere to park my passions.


A place that would live on in cyberspace even if I went to the cyberspace in the sky. Heaven has really good WiFi I hear, plus exceptionally comfy living quarters. I bet heaven is quiet too.


Seriously though, when I started the blog, I was searching for a way to relax and have some quiet time from a very hectic work schedule. The blog became a reason to get more in touch with nature, finding places to go where there is relative “quiet”.


I usually try to steer clear of people there though. Why? To ensure quiet. Also, to catch them doing what they do.


What I wish I could show you is the feeling of “quiet”. The busyness of things around us lives in a dual existence of quiet. We can tune out the noise and just look for the quiet within. In the case of a snowstorm, there is maximum quiet.


A snow-covered nature is almost always quieted, its silence and stillness quieting a world filled with humans that make too much darn noise. Maybe that is why I like snow so much. It is also why I wish I could bottle that quiet even if I just give it away to others.

Barns-in-WinterThere have been loads of posts recently with the ten best photos of 2015. I can honestly tell you, I could not pick out ten “best” photos, mainly because I rarely look at them in that way. Each image has its own reason for being taken.

grass-in-snowInspiration plays a large part. What inspires me is likely not what would inspire you. You have to find your own inspiration, your own path to joy and creativity. Your own way to separate the noise from the quiet. “Quiet” is a highly underrated luxury,  just ask any frazzled mother with a houseful of kids. A day for themselves is a welcomed gift. Go find some today.


About Garden Walk Garden Talk

I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at: http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com
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74 Responses to When I Started This Blog…

  1. aussiebirder says:

    I so concur Donna! For the same reasons I love getting out in the bush, the serenity and quiet, the sound of the wind, and surf and birds. It is such a contrast to hoons speeding past minus mufflers, windows open and music beating away,constant flight path over our house (we live near airport) , trains and loud voiced people walking past our house in the middle of the night. I love birding chiefly for the quiet, and the beauty of being connected with the real world.

    • I live in a city, so those cars blasting music is pretty common. No airports, but we do hear the trains on occasion. And don’t get me started on those street kids at night…yes the real world is not always what we might want.

  2. Ludwig says:

    Your photography is wonderful. Those grass stalks in the snow, however, is a sublime photograph. I can feel the quite, the serenity, the joy. Thank you.

  3. David says:

    Great photos. They scream quite, so to speak.

  4. You’ve had a lot to say this evening, a lot to think about. Very Lynn is playing in the background and the hot tea is ready, I think I’d like to sit back, sip on my tea and give that all some thought at this late hour, let it sink in and chew on it a bit..

  5. swo8 says:

    I do think you captured the quite in your photos Donna.

  6. Maria F. says:

    What a beautiful post Donna. I agree that there really aren’t any “10 best pictures” at all. It’s all too subjective. I live by the ocean, which is entirely different from having snow, yet the sound of the waves seem to quiet down the surroundings in a way I can’t explain.

    • Thank you, Maria. Unless an image is spectacular by a famous photographer and universally loved, I agree most are too subjective. I have an affinity for ocean scenes too.I head to the Pacific in February and hope to capture the feel of the ocean. The white noise of waves coming in or crashing the shoreline have a very calming effect.

  7. alesiablogs says:

    I was just about to bring up the point of mothers until you did. This is a very sweet post with beautiful photos that cast their own point along with yours eloquently.

  8. Paul Caron says:

    There are so few actual quiet places left in the world. It’s nice to be reminded that they are still out there, even if it is more off the beaten trail than in days of yore. Thanks Donna!

  9. germac4 says:

    Lovely photos and thought provoking ideas about quiet. I am a retired teacher …so I LOVE the quiet. Just sitting and looking at the garden while having a cup of tea in the morning is good for the spirits. At this time of the year, in Canberra, (Australia) the quiet of the bush and the smell of the gum leaves somehow goes together…in a quiet sort of way.

    • Thank you. Oh, a teacher really needs that summer vacation. You are right, time in the garden in the morning is the best. The birds are singing then, it might be noise to some, but to me it is music.

  10. This is beautiful – in more ways than one! Thank you for sharing it all!

  11. I concur. I was just blessed with a quiet weekend. It was much needed rejuvenation time for me. No snow here and although it isn’t cold enough to keep the wildlife quiet it is certainly cold enough for me.

  12. Lula says:

    Quiteness!!! Yes, is a luxury nowadays, a luxury to hear oneself and try to have an inner conversation to find answers. I love snow for the same reason you do, and I miss it so much now living in the South, where the so call “good weather” during many months (how can you call good weather, lack of rain, drought, floods, ..) from my experience, causes incessant movement, which do not offer calm and peaceful moments. Well, let’s see of we ever get winter weather to soothe a bit.

    • I would greatly miss snow. I agree about your good, sunny weather. Drought is awful and we have been in drought for a few years running. Everyone kept reveling in the sunshine, but I kept hoping for rain. Winter here was delayed this year. We finally got snow though.

  13. I couldn’t whittle down your photos in an attempt to find the 10 best. You always have something that amazes and inspires. I’m looking at the photos of the park, which I have photographed in winter, and asked myself, “Why didn’t I get that shot?”

    • Thank you Connie. I have so many interests with my camera, it is hard to narrow down images that appeal to me. I like macro a lot, but love birds in flight as well as those big landscape scenes. The gardens I always did for my job, so I have no special desire in that department, but do love many images I take in gardens. Funny, the one shot of the farm with the tree to the left, I have in both sunshine and during the blizzard. Exact same view. I gravitate towards framing a shot, but the same darn tree?????

  14. These pictures look like postcards from heaven. They’re beautiful, they make tangible the quietness.

  15. Lisa - Ontario says:

    I love quiet. I rarely turn on the radio at home. When the warmer weather comes I have breakfast and lunch in my garden everyday, watching the birds, butterflies and bees. At the cottage we will be sitting enjoying the peace and tranquility, and then 15 motorcycles go by with their radios blaring, or an ATV. When we are paddling on Georgian Bay I even resent the odd airplane. Luckily there are not usually many motor boats, but we do prefer the shoulder seasons when there are very few people around. I don’t allow electronics in the cottage, so the kids have to unplug completely. Games, drawing and reading are usually very quiet activities. They let your brain breathe.

    My daughter commented one day when we were out paddling, there was a motor boat going at top speed and with their radio loud enough so they could hear it over their enormous engine, she said that they were out “enjoying nature”.

    Quiet is a very rare commodity.

    • Being in nature and enjoying it are different things I guess to some. I think leaving electronics at home is a good thing. I did a post about some folks with their cell phones while on a nature trail. It always makes me shake my head. Lots of people read in nature too. They go hand in hand. Two quiet and mind-expanding activities.

  16. johnvic8 says:

    If it isn’t quiet, it is very hard to listen.

  17. Beautiful post Donna. I enjoyed the quiet time.

  18. Your photos are amazing and so inspire me. I love my quiet time, too. Sometimes we just don’t get enough of it, especially in these times with technology taking up such a big part of it. Thanks for sharing your quiet time with us!

  19. rogerbrook says:

    Your images are quite exceptional Donna. Dare I say considering your opening comments, heavenly.

  20. I agree, a major snowstorm seems to bring a calm to a household, often with schools and work closed and we hunker down like in days of yore. A walk in the fresh snow just accentuates this quietness.

    • I used to like those days where it snowed so heavy that we were stuck inside. I find myself going out on those days now. Nobody is on the roads and parks are totally empty. My Jeep gets me everywhere.

  21. Melissa Belt says:

    Quiet allows my soul to speak. Your snow pictures convey the stillness and peacefulness. You capture much with your lens.

  22. Your photos really represent quietness. so beautiful! The certain kind of quietness you mention, you estimate and love – as much as I do it myself. I have to admit that I really need quietness from time to time. I feel bad if I cannot seclude myself after a period of activity and noise.Nowadays it’s really a luxury to find some of these precious moments.

    Warm regards – Michèle

  23. Such beautiful photos – and serene as well.

  24. arlene says:

    Hi Donna, I so love this. And you have such perfect captures.

  25. Karen says:

    Wonderful post, Donna. 🙂

  26. That is exactly the way I feel about snow and one of the reasons that I love it too. We had 1/2 inch the other day and even then the quiet descended. It’s like the world is under a tea cozy.

  27. Kevin says:

    Such a beautiful post. Like you, I approached blogging as a means to recapture something that was missing in my life. I, for one, am so glad you took the plunge and I hope you’ll be writing and taking photos for many years to come. And thank you for the memory of snow silence. I think that was my favorite part of snow when I lived up north. I remember one storm when I was trapped in Manhattan — and to awake the next day to see the city at a standstill and silent was incredible. Stay warm!

    • Thank you Kevin. I hope to continue, health willing. You have such a jump in where you lived to where you live now. Winter must seem like it is missing from your life. I suppose that is good when NY is getting buried in snow, but the fresh powder snow on the city is wonderful. NY never stops, but I bet it really slows down during blizzards.

  28. Oh I’m enjoying so much these snowy pictures. I can feel peace. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  29. Mickey Robertson says:

    I have followed your wonderful work for a long while now & it is something that fills me with so much beauty & joy. I am in very bad health & have almost died several times in recent years & I can’t get “out & about” much & your work so greatly enriches my life & my world. You are so incredibly talented & such a lovely person, so full of kindness & peacefulness. I can never thank you adequately for all you have given me! I will add your name to my prayer list & I will pray for your health. You are a dear person & it will be a privilege to pray for you. I loved reading the comments on this post, too. I love the ‘tea cozy’ description! And all the mentions of quiet. It is harder all the time to find quiet in the world. The car stereos blaring in the street often disrupt my quiet. I sometimes can hear trains, but I find that a soothing sound in the distance. Several mentions in the comments of the times of “hunkering down” inside during a snowstorm. I grew up in central Tx in the 1950’s & ’60’s & we had more winter weather here then than we do now. We would sometimes have snow a few times in winter & also sometimes ice storms. We lived in the country & our electric power frequently went out most of those times, so we had no heat. Our family of 6 (parents & 4 of us kids) would close off the den & have a nice fire in the fireplace, which was also outfitted for some basic cooking, & light some oil lamps & candles & it was so cozy. We felt like we were so safe & all was so peaceful in our little world! Everyone would read or sometimes play a board game, sleeping on couches or sleeping bags. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories! Just wanted to share my thoughts on quiet & on peaceful, quiet times. I also wanted to tell you again how very much I appreciate you & all your beautiful work. Blessings to you! ~ Mickey Suzanna

    • I am always sorry to hear of your failing health, Mickey. May God bless you with improving health everyday. Thank you for your kind words, prayers and well wishes, it is very much appreciated. When power goes out, that is the worst. It happens here on occasion. We have a gas fireplace, so that is either good or not depending. Ice is also very bad, much worse than snow. I bet those memories are a powerful reminder of many times spent as a child with family. Quiet is such a joy to have, now a days we have so little. Take care.

  30. Donna, these are such beautiful photos but your words help express the quiet you were seeking too. It is very inspiring to gain insights and the images of your journey.

  31. Like you, I relish the quiet. This is one reason why i hate lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Gardening should be a quiet pursuit.

    • I abhor leaf blowers, especially those that start so early on the weekend. Not to mention, they just blow the leaves into the street and they end up for everyone else to dispose. In the city, only so much can be composted and we have many 100 foot Norway Maples.

  32. bittster says:

    We finally got a nice dose of quiet here. The kids are out playing in the snow and even if they are not exactly quiet the streets are.
    I love being out in a snowstorm but I find that when people get older they need a reason to do everything. The kids are out there eating snow and burying each other but I only go out to clear the driveway and watch them. Even a walk seems like it needs a purpose.
    I’m much better at having no purpose during the spring. I can sit for a good hour just watching the clouds 🙂
    The storms don’t need a name. It’s snow, it melts, spring comes.

    • You are lucky the kids like playing in the snow. Kids around here don’t seem to come out of the house when it snows. I can’t do the driveway anymore, doctor’s orders, but I used to love shoveling. It was peaceful and a time to just think. I agree, storms need to just come and go, no fanfare.

  33. debsgarden says:

    There is no way you could pick your ten “best” photos! This post is case in point. All are marvelous and so perfectly illustrate your commentary. I love the quietness and peace that comes to my soul when surrounded by such scenes in nature. Thank you!

  34. Jennifer says:

    I know this isn’t your most recent post, but I was curious, so here I am. I think we all have unique reasons for blogging. My original reasons were rather vague ideas centred around self-expression. I agree with the quiet. A blog is a great place to be quiet, gather your thoughts and share your passions.

    • I have had a few reasons why I started to blog, and wrote them in different posts previously. Having been sick and in hospital a few times I started the blog as a kind of place to live on when I didn’t. I recently found out though, many social media accounts get removed after death, so I am not sure how long blog posts would remain anyway. I do know pais accponts would disappear when no one pays. They revert to blogname.wordpress.com. Without the right .com URL, blogs get lost.

  35. Perfect peaceful scenes that evoke quiet….it is why I love snow too!

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