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Travel transformation is what we might want to feel when we set off into an expansive world from the comfort of what we are familiar. We can be inspired to have our thoughts and even our lives changed through the connections we make on these journeys. It is why I blog about travel. Cool thoughts pop into my head. Well, cool to me anyway, you might think otherwise that it is just nonsensical ramblings. Might be.

imageTravel has a way of making life more grand though, opening one’s eyes to how others live. I always am interested in how others live. Then I just want to plain tell everyone who will listen about what I find.

From time to time, there is no doubt our minds need to be transformed. We can free up space inside our heads by getting rid of those thought patterns that are detrimental to us. In nature there is an example of clearing out the brain cache.

“Every autumn Black-capped Chickadees allow brain neurons containing old information to die, replacing them with new neurons so they can adapt to changes in their social flocks and environment even with their tiny brains.” All About Birds

I kinda think travel can help us do that to some extent. We forget about worries and see how others happily get through each day. We sometimes hold on to useless or negative patterns, habits, opinions, and beliefs. Traveling can lead to re-thinking patterns, habits, opinions, and beliefs. I think each time I return from somewhere new I am a happier or more productive being.


When traveling, the senses are heightened I think. We can be open to seeing and feeling differently. Colors make a lasting impression that I can still feel and see today. You more than see just the color, you feel it deep in your soul.


Visiting Eastern Europe in 2014, it was the people, architecture, textiles, spices, and spirituality which all combined into a special experience that I carry with me today.

In Europe in 2015, the travel experience changed the way to see the past, and envision what lies in store for the future. The majesty of the setting in St. Lucia lived, breathed and beckoned.


I was in Maui in 2015, and now again in 2016. I can honestly say the Hawaiian Islands did not transform me in such a meaningful way. I am just not an island beach bum I guess. It does seem like carefree living here, but I bet that is not always the case. My friend wondered why I like it here because I am not into sitting on the beach or ocean swimming, but I do love snorkeling and whale watching. I love the scenery too.


I am on the flights home now and boy was that a long, long trip! Flights were changed so many times it was hard to keep up with the airline updates. I did get to spend a day and a half extra in Maui though. We never did find out what was the problem for all the cancelled flights.


Next post I will have more on my trip. You just won’t believe how little I actually got to do in Maui considering all that I was pre-planning. My friend got very ill and had to go to the emergency clinic which really made this trip difficult for her. I really felt bad she was not healthy to enjoy a lot more. I do have posts to come with more Maui experiences, though. Stay tuned.


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  1. I’m so sorry your friend was ill! Despite that, it sounds like you were inspired. Welcome home.

  2. lucindalines says:

    Beautiful pictures and lovely philosophical thoughts. Hope your friend is better.

    • Thank you Lucinda. I do believe there is a spiritual component when we travel. Like we are being watched and cared for. Also like we feel a reverence whether in nature or visiting grand cathedrals. I do know on this last dicey flight I did ask up above for safe travels. Getting the plane airborne was difficult after a long, thorough de-icing in Detroit, then landing in all the crosswinds in Buffalo took a long time (circled FOREVER) for a safe decent. It was very bumpy and of course I got air sick. Should have taken my seasick medicine, but had no idea weather was so bad in our direction.

      • lucindalines says:

        Glad all worked out. I remember circling in Seattle many, many years ago. I didn’t realize the problems until we were on the ground, I think it was a near miss with a smaller plane.

  3. You are returning and I am leaving for a 2 week break so after a Monday post, I will be mostly silent in the blogosphere…catch up with you in a few weeks! And I am sure this break will be transformative! Great thoughts, Donna!

    • Happy trails! I too did not get to blog this vacation like I do when traveling to Europe. No time and little iPad use. I look at travel transformation by how different the culture and note the societal variations, then I assess what impact it has on my life worth consideration. I found that in Germany. There was familiarity, but in a more graceful way. Everything there seemed to have importance, even simply made items. Things were not taken for granted, dismissed or looked at as disposable like here in the US.

  4. alesiablogs says:

    I am so sorry your friend got sick. Prayers that she get back to her normal self as fast as possible. Oahu is beautiful. I am enjoying the sun and it has already helped my arthritis.

  5. Søren says:

    Travel can be good, but some times staying at home is nice, too. Especially if it’s for the purpose of relaxing and clearing one’s head.

    In 2015 I believe I managed 10 different countries – and 5 US states. Possibly more; after a while it gets difficult to keep track. This year so far I’ve only done a road trip through Denmark and there’s 10 days in Chicago booked for April – and possibly a week in Cyprus or Spain in May. And I need to get to London as well this year, and perhaps also Leeds. And Rome could be nice in late summer. And I need to go to Stockholm for a house warming. And… ARGH! I really try to stay at home and not travel, but it’s difficult when friends are all over the world!

    • Especially with your new home and gardens, home is like a vacation. You do have some nice places to visit coming up. I don’t have anything on the docket for right now. My friend Barbara is always keeping an eye out though. I have miles I need to use or lose with United, so I hope she comes up with somewhere good. It must be nice to have friends all over the world. My cousin lives in St. Lucia and invited me in November, but I was headed to Europe then. Hope I get another invite. My Delta miles don’t disappear.

      • Søren says:

        Cyprus is now booked for April, meaning that I will spend the majority of that month travelling, first to Cyprus and then to Chicago… (Chicago is paid with air miles from the Euro Bonus scheme.)
        Having friends all over the world is sort of a consequence of having been blogging since 2003 – and started at a reasonably young age where it made sense to fly to a different country to meet “friends” you only knew from the internet. Of course, having lived in 4 countries and worked with a gazillion nationalities doesn’t hurt, either; in many ways it’s all about the mindset and about daring to take a chance and say “this could be bad, but it could also be something very special”.
        I do plan to spend my summer vacation in my new garden, though. And so far, people from 5 different countries have plans to visit me, so sometimes the world comes to me…

  6. swo8 says:

    Thanks for sharing Donna. If you could see the mess that is happening here (weather wise) you’ll be glad you are where you are. I agree that travel is mind expanding.

    • Thanks Leslie. I just got home and went out to dinner with my husband. The weather is really nasty – ice, wind and some blowing snow. My husband was glad I landed when we did because no telling when the airport would have cancelled flights. I was guessing we would be stuck in Detroit. My friend Barbara said we would drive from Detroit. I was far too tired to make that drive.

  7. Just got back from Puerto Rico for ten days with the whole family. I can’t say it was transforming, but I loved the island and would recommend it to anyone.

    • You have been island hoping lately. Sounds like you had a great time with family. My next post recommends Maui and where we stayed. The Westin resort was amazing. Don’t think I could talk Dave into a timeshare though. He really dislikes going anywhere,

  8. bittster says:

    I hope you had an exciting trip in spite of the illness. Glad to hear you’re nearly back and survived all the flights, I’m looking forward to the pictures!

    • Well, it was quite nice. Our resort had so much to do that even if we stayed at it the whole week, we would not get tired of all the activities. We could use the Westin and Sheraton Hotel amenities too. That Sheraton was like no other I have stayed – gorgeous property at Black Rock. We were at the Westin Villas which were fantastic (long beaches), but did visit the other properties because activities were different. I had no plans to make use of the hotels so much, but it really was wonderful.

  9. Looks like you’re returning to a bad cluster of storms…hope you make it home okay.
    Looking/reading this post made me sit back and relax…thanks for that.
    Hope your companion is making a full recovery.

  10. Oh, so sorry to hear your friend got sick. I hope she’s feeling much better now. I agree with you entirely about the senses being heightened during travel. I think there are many elements that contribute to this–including seeing new things, the feeling of free time on vacation, and a small element of danger and risk, even, among other things. I am a beach-lover, so Maui and Oahu loomed large for my senses and in my memory. But Europe did, too, for other reasons. Looking forward to your other posts!

    • Thank you. She will see her doctors. Since she travels with me a lot, I really do hope she gets some degree of relief. There, they could do little besides the medication. It is true about the level of risk. Some people are risk junkies and thrive on it. I was just saying to my friend Barbara that we both take more risk than others we travel with. So it was a bit unusual for her to have this condition flare up. I like walking the beach, just not cold ocean water. Not to mention sharks!

  11. Looks like you are having a great time. The beach/wave shots are fabulous.

  12. Maria F. says:

    Yes, I’ like to hear about it too. I can already see beautiful photography here!

  13. Indie says:

    I agree, it’s so great to see how other people live, and you learn so much. That is too bad your friend was so sick and that travel plans were so crazy. I hope your friend feels better!

  14. I also love to travel. You express it well. I wish I could spend more time travelling, there are so many places I want to visit and have never been (including Hawaii). But then there are the places I have been but want to go back (France, the UK, Turkey).

  15. Traveling can be transformational in many respects. Traveling back and forth from England many years ago led my family to decide to immigrate to US. P. x

  16. debsgarden says:

    No doubt traveling is full of great experiences, but after a long flight, there is no place like home! Your photos are fabulous. I have only been to Hawaii once. I would love to go back!

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