Maui, A Great Place to Stay or Visit

Westin-Ka'anapali-Ocean-Resort-Villas-15One thing about not getting to do everything you want to do …

is making do with what you have right in front of you. While vacationing in Maui, we were a bit limited for places we could go. My friend got vertigo which made her quite sick with dizziness.

Riding in vehicles, on planes, going in the water for snorkeling, riding on boats – just about everything was limited or out of consideration. The water was very rough during our stay which limited where boats could sail too.

I was tempted to take a snorkeling cruise and helicopter ride by myself, but thought it better to stay with her and only do what she could handle. Plus, the snorkeling destination would have been changed had I taken the cruise. I really wanted to see crescent-shaped Molokini, a partially submerged volcanic crater/island marine sanctuary for birds. It has the best snorkeling on Maui too. Unfortunately, waters were too rough for the boats to get to that island.

On the final flight from Detroit, I was the one that got really dizzy and nauseous, so I had a taste of what she was suffering for the whole week. The plane ride was so turbulent which was highly unanticipated. Detroit was in the midst of their worst snowstorm of the season with all the planes lined up for de-icing.  I get motion sickness and should have had my seasick medicine handy, but never thought the weather was to be so disagreeable. You live and learn…

When we first got to Maui, we went into town on the resort shuttles for an easy day getting acclimated to the area. Lahaina is such a cool ocean-side town filled with creative artists. The next day, we went whale watching and this is likely what set the illness into overdrive for my friend.

Westin-Ka'anapali-Ocean-Resort-Villas-6But not being able to go many places kept us at the resort for a few days, and what a beautiful place to be “stuck”. We also had to stay an extra day and a half because our flight was delayed repeatedly. You can only imagine how busy I was with my cameras around the resort. In this post, I used the P510. That is me below photographing me in a huge lobby mirror. The D750 was used at Haleakalã for grand landscape shots and earlier for whale images.

We did get a limo tour to the summit of Haleakalã where I will show you stunning views of cinder cones from repeated eruptions in another post. A limited number of plants, birds and insects call this area home.

My photos in this post show you where we were staying. I would highly recommend booking a stay at The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas. You also get access to some of the amenities at the nearby Westin Hotel and Sheraton properties in the Starwood family of vacation hotel chains.

Walk-to-the-beachThe Resort Villas have beautiful ocean front of 26 acres. Many activities including golf, scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, kayaking, helicopter rides, whale watching and surfing, are available for family enjoyment. The spas, outdoor hot Jacuzzi pools and lagoon pools are beautiful as well (shown in the photo galleries).

Waves-in-MauiWalking the beaches gave me a great view of the resorts in this area, with miles of sapphire-blue water lapping the shores of this island paradise. The hotels have pretty spectacular accommodations with fancy amenities and a bevy of helpful concierge. Do you think you would like 5 star accommodations? I did.


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18 Responses to Maui, A Great Place to Stay or Visit

  1. A great adventure is a path without straight lines…Your photos are amazing; I have visited almost all of the states and a great deal of Canada, but Hawaii and Alaska have stubbornly remained on my “Bucket List”.

  2. It’s an excited trip! wow It’s a beautiful place to travel with family.

  3. debsgarden says:

    Thanks for the views of paradise! Even if your plans were changed, what you did get to see and do was fabulous.

  4. swo8 says:

    It looks so nice in Maui. That was kind of you to stay with your friend when she wasn’t feeling well, Donna. Your return to winter couldn’t have been too pleasant.

  5. alesiablogs says:

    Stay and visit!!! Both!!!

  6. Would I like five star accommodations? Um, yes, definitely. Looks like a gorgeous place. Sorry your travel companion got sick.

  7. Maria F. says:

    Maui has very similar flora to the one here. We have the Atlantic ocean, however, so we don’t get whales as they prefer colder waters. There’s also no volcanic activity around here. The ocean here is also very rough right now. The only time it’s good is in the summer. Well, there will be other opportunities.

  8. aussiebirder says:

    Very inviting Donna, but not with the nausea and vertigo!

  9. It’s been over 40 years ago since I visited Maui. There was a terrible storm and all the water was muddy, not the tranquil blue you show. The resort looks pretty spectacular. I wouldn’t mind being stuck there either.

  10. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. I wouldn’t mind being “stuck” there either!

  11. Even with the aforementioned restrictions it sounds and looks like a wonderful trip!
    …and yes, I would too!!!! 😉

  12. That’s a great lesson: Don’t whine about what you can’t do; revel in what you can do!

  13. Sorry to hear you and your friend both had bouts of sickness, Donna. But you certainly were fortunate to be in SUCH a gorgeous place, and in a beautiful resort, too, by the look of your wonderful photos!

  14. It looks like a nice place to relax and enjoy the sea !

  15. Thanks for the get away Donna. Having suffered with lightheadedness for the past two years, I feel your pain. How dismal to be afflicted while vacationing! Your photos are wonderful, as I fear I will never see Hawaii for myself, as home keeps me tethered and long trips are on planes no longer appeal to me, unless of course, I could fly on private jets. 😉

  16. Hope you had a chance to do some birding around the resort.

  17. Too bad you both got sick…I have to have my air sick pills. I agree being stuck sometimes has its advantages. And at a 5 star resort…heavenly! Hope to visit Hawaii someday.

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