The Garden of Dale Chihuly


I recently returned from Seattle…

and while there took the tour to Chihuly Garden and Glass. Chihuly has created the exhibit and garden to overwhelm the viewer with light and color. Located at the foot of the Space Needle, take a tour with me around the gardens and note how the glass sculptures are sited. Some are shown in the galleries from different perspectives to see how from any angle, they make a statement within the garden. Also note how plant color is carefully selected for the art.

Last year, I showed you areas around the Space Needle and sights from the top of the Space Needle, but never got a chance to visit inside Chihuly Garden and Glass at Seattle Center. You would never guess that beautiful gardens surround and enhance the area. Last year, I was in Seattle in late January, so not much was in bloom. I did feature one of the gardens at Seattle Center, along with what I could photograph outside Chihuly Garden and Glass.


The glass is a feast for the senses. There are other Chihuly exhibits around the country, but none as special as this one. Dale Chihuly is from Tacoma, WA and this exhibit and garden is his project. I did not know that this is where he originated.

Last year, I only had my small Nikon P510 in Seattle and Maui, this year I took the D750. I only wish I could have taken a bag full of lenses since I visited many varied places around the Seattle area. These images would have been enhanced by a wide-angle lens, not to mention a night-time visit. But then the garden plants would not have been as noticeable.

One day, we went to Emerald Downs horse races. I will have images on that soon. All photos were taken with the 28-300mm zoom. Closed down to 28mm does give me a wider view, but the wide-angle lens would have been useful. I took that lens to Germany. Click the link for an image of spectacular European scenery taken by the 17-35mm lens. In Germany though, I used the P510 quite a bit, but did use the D750 for grand scenery shots.

As a designer myself, I was delighted to see the light and glass flow fluidly on floors, ceilings, and walls, everywhere one looked.  Light bounced, sparkled, reflected, and fought with shadow.  Indoor to outdoor exhibits are seamlessly connected.

The glasshouse is a beautiful structure holding a singular 100 foot piece of art, shown below from both inside and outside.




View of Glasshouse from the exterior. Entry to the gardens.

I took many photos of this magnificent indoor sculpture. The Glasshouse leads one into the gardens filled with plants and glass objects carefully juxtaposed. Four statement, monumental glass sculptures are sited in the gardens. Look through the galleries to be enchanted. Many things can be learned on using both light and ornament in the garden. Enjoy the eye-popping color…


On Nature and Wildlife Pics, a Pileated Woodpecker. 


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32 Responses to The Garden of Dale Chihuly

  1. Victoria says:

    Beautiful photos! I love the work of Chihuly! I have seen his work at an art museum and the botanical gardens when I lived in Phoenix. It is a definite treat for the eyes!

  2. swo8 says:

    Just lovely Donna. This is all new to me. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad you found something new, Leslie. The work is so large, I cannot imagine working with glass on that scale. They had a display of an artisan using the fusing color powders while we were there, but the piece was very small.

      • swo8 says:

        They have some glass art work down at the Distillery District in Toronto. Amazing what they can do.

  3. johnvic8 says:

    We visited there a few years ago and one of the highlights was the Chiluhy ceiling in Takoma. Wow!

  4. alesiablogs says:

    Great shots Donna!

  5. rose says:

    Seven or eight years ago I went to visit my daughter in Phoenix and made a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden there. I didn’t realize until I arrived that there was a large Chihuly exhibit in the garden that year–and in fact, I had never heard of Chihuly before. Wow, wow, and more wow! I was so impressed I went back to the garden about six months later on a return trip and was lucky enough to see the exhibit again before it left. I just love the way he blends his sculptures with the plants, and his use of color is stunning. I’ve seen several of his works at other major gardens, but I’ve always wanted to see a large exhibit again. I didn’t realize there was a permanent exhibit in Seattle; thanks so much for sharing these spectacular photos, Donna!

  6. lulu says:

    What a treat to visit there!

  7. connie661 says:

    Chihuly is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! This is a lot of eye candy…thanks for the treat. I’ll be re-savoring it again during tomorrow morning’s coffee, too.
    I wonder, though, how safe all that glass is in the many different display environments.

    • It does get cold in Seattle, but not as cold as here. I think what amazes me is that the glass sculptures are in a big city. Big cities have people of all kinds and the glass sculptures are not vandalized. Most is within the museum area, but not all. With sculptures so big, it is not like they cannot be shot at. Most cities have vandals.

  9. Stunning photos Donna. I love Chihuly glass. The colours are so vibrant and cheerful

  10. Amazing. I think I like it better inside than in the garden.

  11. Patty says:

    Jaw dropping fabulous. I had the opportunity to see a small exhibit in Toronto and the ceiling in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. Chihuly is a master.

    • I did not know Chihuly glass was in Toronto. I would have visited. Now that I have come by train last year because of all the road work, it really beats driving and finding a place to park.

  12. debsgarden says:

    This place is on my bucket list. I have seen Chihuly’s work in Atlanta and Phoenix, and I really want to see his display in Seattle. Next time I visit my son in Portland, we are going!

  13. I do really like colored glass, though some of these shapes take some getting used to.

    • I don’t know…I adore the glass and unusual designs. I never did glass blowing, but do know how hard it is doing stained and fused glass. It is so easy to break pieces when almost done and I would bet blowing glass would be much more difficult. I truly respect and admire the talent of the artisans. The color combinations are striking too. When doing fused glass, it takes a lot of experience because combining powders is pot luck until you figure out how they fuse together to make desired results. The powders are not the colors they appear when after being fired. It is similar to ceramics in that respect. I did ceramics when younger too.

  14. Chihuly works are amazing and I loved your photographs of his works. The first time I saw his work was several years ago when he had a display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I was very impressed. I’d love to see his permanent collection at this garden. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Karen says:

    He is such a talented man…the garden is beautiful. I got to enjoy a tour of his exhibit at Fairchild Tropical Garden in Florida and it was very interesting.

  16. patti says:

    Hi…I was in Seattle last weekend and just wrote a similar post – Isn’t this a delightful exhibit?
    patti @

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