Technology Got You Down? Go to the Garden and Yank Out Weeds.


Today was a day that everything digital decided to dedigitise.


Yep, a day technology took a siesta, all except my camera luckily. No siesta for me, all the machines in my life took a snooze. Luckily, not all was Latin ghosts in my machines though.


Apple servers went down for 1% of us, stopping an Apple email account, iCloud access and a few other important pieces in my digital world. I was locked out of iCloud due to security issues. Finally, Apple rectified the problem.


I just upgraded to El Capitan OS11 after a few years of reluctance due to my CAD program not catching up (no back dating to older OS’s, but rather them requiring users to pay for expensive CAD upgrades).

The newly updated computer decided to not allow any of my email accounts to work. Little business gets done when Time Warner email accounts don’t work. Took some time, but I fixed all of them. Photoshop took some work to get it securely connected since that too is cloud-based and connected to my business email account.



Then the iPhone started roaming internationally even though roaming was disabled. I made a call to AT&T and they had a problem getting me back in on US soil. They explained I will be getting a very large bill, but to call them back for the adjustment. Ya right, like I am going to pay for hours of international calls and Internet use made from my US-based home office!


It really seemed like a digital conspiracy since the iPad, iPhone, laptop and Mac Pro desktop all were affected due to the connection of the apps and associated security in the cloud.


I spent some time painting after getting all the technology back in working order. Took some garden photos but had no enthusiasm in that either. I should have worked in the garden since it needs weeding, but not much desire for that job. At least the garden view was good medicine.


In a few days, I will post the May garden pics, front and back. I took photos from the beginning to the end of May. The garden is exploding in color like it does each May. I am one that much prefers seeing the garden as a whole and over time rather than a few shots of a flower here and there like in this post. You get to see the garden make a gradual change into the June blooms. I will likely do the same for June into July.



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28 Responses to Technology Got You Down? Go to the Garden and Yank Out Weeds.

  1. You made my day! Perfect advice!
    Have a lovely weekend, Donna! 🙂

  2. alesiablogs says:

    Computers are a pain! Can’t believe that about your cell!! So crazy!!

    • It is because I live on the border between Canada and the US. AT&T is supposed to have roaming completely turned off because of where I live. Canada has much stronger towers than here so even if the phone is set to prevent roaming, Rogers Wireless in Canada gets the incoming calls. Once Rogers Wireless invades the phone, it stays there until I call AT&T.

  3. swo8 says:

    I love the last photo of the thistle. I have a few of them in my garden too. Must go out and weed.

  4. rogerbrook says:

    That bee picture has real depth – fantastic
    Love your dicentras. I myself have two posts on dicentras this month – including a fantastic clump at Castle Howard.
    I keep rejecting the latest Apple updates – I know why now!

  5. David says:

    Sorry about your tech troubles and glad you got them resolved. For me there is probably nothing more frustrating and annoying that tech problems. I like all the photos here but especially the honey bee and the last prickly green photo.

    • I am pretty handy tech-wise, but it does not mean it does not frustrate me to no end. Apple is pretty good fixing problems and having a new OS work on older machines, but sometimes issues come up which requires a bit of work-arounds. I have a bunch of bees on the Allium. Bees are loving them this year, big bumblebees are on the iris too.

  6. What a beautiful selection of photos! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  7. Indie says:

    Oh no, what a pain! Technology hates me. Thankfully my husband is a tech guru and balances out my bad technology karma. Sometimes he seriously just has to touch my computer and it starts working again. Somehow the computers know…

    • Ha, I can fix my tech problems, but not when it is the servers that are hosting. All my issues were stuck on servers not allowing access. Lucky that Apple is pretty good about customer service. AT&T was OK too. Time Warner I did not even bother calling. I just deleted the email addresses and passwords then added them back in and that worked. I am not sure why that worked since info was all the same.

  8. Karen says:

    When technology goes astray it can be terrible. I’m glad your camera was working and that you got to share your lovely photos with us.

  9. I feel your pain, and I agree with your solution!

  10. debsgarden says:

    Your story could make a technophobe out of me! Just today I was thinking about how modern technology tends to break down and what a hassle it creates when it does. Nothing puts things back in sorts like a relaxing walk in the garden, though that “relaxing walk” always involves pulling a few weeds! Your photos are marvelous; love the bee!

    • Thank you, Deb, I do love my bees. With all the weeds this year, relaxing would be most welcome. I cannot believe the weeds this spring. I need a few insects that like to eat weeds.

  11. What a hassle! We love technology– when it works!

  12. Sort of like the beauty and the beast–thanks for the beauty.

  13. Brian Comeau says:

    Funny I thought only is PC users had the issues. Don’t get me started on Windows 10. Hope all is well now. I love the first few vertical images. Beautiful!

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