Who Needs Flowers? The Mid-July Garden Does


‘Nuff said.


No really.

I read a post entitled this. While I’m sure the author meant to sing the praises of shade plants, the answer to the question really is pollinators need flowers. Just ask one!


I know I like to see a garden of flowers too. I like shade plants quite a bit, and do have some really nice, colorful heuchera, hosta, coleus and ferns, among other interesting shade plants. The first three do make pretty flowers for pollinators needing tiny or deep-throated flowers. My garden calls to the pollinators with every flower swaying in the breeze – sun or shade. Just how I roll.


Too many flowers? The pollinators and birds say, “No WAY!” The coneflower is pretty popular right now, and the Russian Sage



All those flowers are corralled in by the boxwood. Still little rain here. We had a sprinkle one day this week that only wetted the drive, and a five-minute downpour a few days later, but that is all since April 4th.


I have been noticing far more birds in the garden, like Jays, Cardinals, crows, and a flicker this summer eating insects from the perennials. I suspect they are hanging around for the birdbath and the red Viburnum berries. I do feed the goldfinch and house finch thistle seed though. Hummingbirds are loving the trumpet vine and Monarda.

I am away for a month now (more on that coming), so hence the shortened mid-month garden report. No more garden photos this month. More on that coming too. Not much change since June, but more daisies, daylilies and coneflowers.


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25 Responses to Who Needs Flowers? The Mid-July Garden Does

  1. Alesia says:

    Have fun!!!!

  2. swo8 says:

    Still looking good, Donna. Have a great break.

  3. My July garden needs flowers. There’s a bit of a lag at this time of year until my later plants start blooming. I’m sorry you’re not in town. I was going to call you tomorrow to see if you want to do something.

  4. What an amazing yard. Your neighbors are blessed to be able to share it with you.

  5. arlene says:

    Such lovely blooms.

  6. Jenny says:

    Your garden is beautiful! Love all the blooms you’ve got going on, and I’m sure the birds and bugs do too!

  7. Karen says:

    Donna, I’m with you (and the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds) yes, we need flowers. Bring them on. The orioles have been busily destructing the blooms on the trumpet vine this year, lopping off the flowers to get to the centers. The trumpet vine flowers are all over the lawn, but I can’t fault the gorgeous orioles which are far more beautiful than the flower. I was going to deadhead all the hostas yesterday in prep for the garden walk on Saturday, but there were two hummingbirds and many bees busily working over the blooms, so I let them stand. I hope you have a nice break. 🙂

    • Maybe your experience explains all my trumpet vine flowers on the ground. I have orioles that nested here and they visit the garden often. I will have to take note in the future. I have been happy with the hummingbirds this year. They visit lots of flowers in addition to the feeder. Last year, they ignored the feeder.

  8. Your garden looks amazing given the lack of rain. I agree about flowers: you can never have too many, no matter what month it is.

  9. Everything is beautiful as usual. You know I love orange!

    • Thanks Carolyn. I know you love orange. Not my favorite, yet many flowers in the garden at this time of year bloom in orange. Since every color is in the garden, orange really shows up well.

  10. gauchoman2002 says:

    Donna – Your garden looks lovely and very attractive for pollinators. I’m with you and feel like the more flowers for birds/bees/butterflies/other bugs, the better.

  11. Kevin says:

    Stunning. Simply stunning.

  12. debsgarden says:

    Your gorgeous garden is pollinator paradise! You must have a good irrigation system! I hope you get some deep-soaking rainfall soon. Enjoy your time away!

    • Thanks, Deb. No irrigation after I redesigned the garden years ago, but I do overhead water now. I hand water many plants too. Our heat and humidity has been awful. The grass in the neighborhood is all dormant, except a few neighboring properties that water everyday.

  13. A.M.B. says:

    Your garden is absolutely stunning! I particularly love your Russian Sage. Mine has flopped over.

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