Lively London


Night of Festivals


To celebrate the Rio Olympics opening weekend, Night of Festivals London wooed crowds on London’s South Bank in the area around Tower Bridge, City Hall and Potters Field Park.


It was a spectacle of a colourful Brazilian and Latin American street art, dance with a carnival atmosphere, including live music.


The Tower Bridge is shown in the background of the performers above, which is where our hotel is located. Right from our hotel window we could see a nice view of the Tower Bridge.


Below is from the Hampton Court gardens of Gnomes Unearthed. They are gnomes even though they don’t quite look like gnomes.


A poem features a gnome named Umbriel.


London is a hopping place with so much to see and do. We visited Buckingham Palace, went to the famed Tower of London to see the Crowned Jewels, and a host of other fun places. Trafalgar Square had a lot of excitement too. Below is a few pics of street performers.


image image


London is colorful, lively and a great place to visit. Tomorrow, we are off to smaller villages. See you in a few days with more from London.


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23 Responses to Lively London

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  2. swo8 says:

    Thanks for sharing Donna. It would be fun to be there.

  3. The people featured here are as colorful as the gardens you regularly photograph…have fun!

  4. debsgarden says:

    Oh, donna, you take such marvelous trips! Looks like a lot of fun! I guess those are upper class gnomes.

    • Funny, Deb. These statues where throughout the garden. I was surprised at the whimsy I found in London. Gardens had a great sense of personality with orament selection. Even Kew had the Hive exhibit which kids adored. I will eventually get a post on it when I get home.

  5. Thanks for showing these special impressions! I’ve been in London several times up to now and apart from many places worth visiting – I always loved the vitality and liveliness of this city.
    Have a nice time, too, when now visiting smaller villages, Donna. – Michèle

    • I so agree, London really has much vitality. I have to admit, I could not live in such a busy city though. Edinburgh is a place that shocked me with all the people. They have two festivals going on in August. The Fringe and the Tatoo. The population of this city doubles from 500,000 to over a million in August. It is wall to wall people. I much preferred the small villages between London and Edinburgh. The hill country is beautiful and I saw so many happy sheep. When I get home I will show the countryside villages. Some reminded me of places in Germany.

  6. I love London. Glad you are having such a fun time there.

    • London is wonderful and very easy to get around. We did a lot in five days, but missed much I wanted to see. One needs weeks there to take it all in. I did dine in a Turkish, French and Argentinian restaurant. It was some of the best food I found in London.

  7. Glad you are having a good time, Donna. I never thought of London as a fun city — interesting, yes, but not fun in the way your wonderful photos portray it. I love this new perspective. Enjoy the rest of your travels and stay safe. P. x

    • London has so much to see and do for a tourist. I was surprised to see the density of the city. Homes did have very little space for gardens it seemed. I did not see many gardens until I left London. Kew was not what I expected either. Public gardens have large expanses of lawn in most cases. I found a few of the castles and palaces had nice gardens. I liked the Queen’s gardens at Buckingham. It was peaceful and a restful place in a busy city.

  8. Such fun!! Love all the color and glamour!!✨

  9. Karen says:

    What an amazing place to visit, I’m glad you’re having a good time. The bridge view is stunning.

  10. Indie says:

    How fun! I love London. Great restaurants there, too!

  11. Layanee says:

    I love the people pictures!

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