Since I mentioned on a post on the UK that I really, really like photographing in an other country, I did not say how easy it is for me to do so. I can walk to Canada from my house in no time flat. While I am photographing on the US side, I also said in the same post that one can stay home and find places to visit new to them.


This place is not new to me as I pass it almost every day by car, but it is a recent upgrade to the pedestrian path along the Niagara River. Many new trees have been planted and selected ones have been saved to the new design. The meadow areas are designated not to be mowed to create a wildlife habitat.


Most look at a staycation to save on vacation expenses, give back to their own community, have less stress of overseas planning, or even invest time and interest in the local environment. I hike the area around the Falls often, so as mentioned this is not new to me, but it is to you the viewers. My husband even mentioned never seeing this view toward the Falls before. He is not as involved in the area as am I, so this is not surprising to me.

Tourists often miss some things about this area like the factories built along the river front, shown in the gallery above. Landscaping attempts to hide them from view. Another eyesore is the trash along the river’s edge that collects as currents push it to the shore.


The Old stone Chimney of the Stedman House preserved and relocated.

The state parks department has been working for years to improve the pedestrian pathways along the parkway leading vehicles to the Falls.


Since this area is pretty but not particularly interesting, I will show you what it is like at the base of the Falls. Visitors take the elevator to the base of the Falls.


It almost looks other worldly.

The newly designed natural areas were meant to attract wildlife, but in reality, there were very few birds or insects on my hike.


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11 Responses to Staycation

  1. alesiablogs says:

    Beautiful shots of a great area.

  2. Laurin Lindsey says:

    WOW…a lovely part of the world! I love staycations : )

  3. I enjoyed your post and photos very much, Donna. The pedestrian path along the Niagara River looks rather natural. Perhaps it will attract wildlife in the future. As you mentioned that some areas are newly designed and sometimes it takes a bit longer until insects, birds and other animals accept the new flora respecitively before the vegetation really offers “food”.
    Stunning photos from the base of the Fall! Thank you for showing!

    Sending you best regards and some late summer sunbeams from Hamburg!

  4. I have to get to Niagara Falls again! There is so much to see and do here in Western New York.

  5. swo8 says:

    Wonderful photos, Donna. I think a lot of people would like to know and see more about the Falls.

  6. A very thoughtful post on taking the initiative to explore the world close to home for all of us, I really enjoyed your photo series.

  7. Beautiful post. I agree with you that it is just as important to explore around your home. I have lived here in Hastings now for 15 years and there are still places for me to explore that are just as beautiful as any other place in the world. You never know what you can find

  8. mjump50 says:

    I always tell people I meet I will gladly be their tour guide for the American side of the falls should they choose to visit our area.
    You post reinforces why. Many thanks. Po

  9. Wonderful and skillful photography.

  10. arlene says:

    Enjoyed reading this post. Lovely photos as always Donna!

  11. I like the idea of a staycation to save expense — we spent a fortune on travel this year and didn’t even leave the country, but stayed in some nice hotels and bed-and-breakfast places (hence the high cost.) Next year, must save: will explore the Poconos. We have Bushkill Falls, a trickle compared with yours. P. x

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