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I have been missing from Garden Walk Garden Talk these last few weeks because…

I have been traveling on nature hikes here and in Canada. Some of you have seen my wildlife pics on Nature and Wildlife Pics or on my feed in Facebook. Any of you can follow this blog or the other on Facebook as some of you already do. You can also “friend” me on Facebook, and see daily postings of eagles and all kinds of wildlife adventures that don’t appear on this blog. Most of my postings as of late have occurred on Nature and Wildlife Pics, so take a hop over there.


One of my trips was just to our local zoo, and I got some really nice images of the animals, along with my “zoo” commentary. I am not political at all, but when it affects nature and the environment, it really may get me involved in discussions. My new posts will highlight these various trips. Let’s start in Algonquin, Ontario, in Canada.


Do you recognize these birds and animals? Two are endemic to Algonquin, Ontario, the Gray Jay and Algonquin wolf. Both are heavily monitored and researched in Ontario. Note the ID bands and the tracking monitor. The Blue Jay we have here in NY. We also have Red Squirrels, but are not seen as frequently as the Gray Squirrels.


Gray Jay research in Algonquin Park began back in the 1960s. The late Russell J. Rutter, a well-known Ontario naturalist, was working in the Park at the time and became intrigued by the Gray Jays he regularly saw. He used a technique called color-banding to identify individual Gray Jays. Catching the jays was easy since they even come to the hand for food. Every jay was given its own unique combination of colored plastic and standard aluminum bands and promptly released. From then on it could be recognized as an individual, and given a name, according to its band combination.The names are a bit odd and are based on where the Jay was found along with behavior traits of the bird.


I plan on going back to Algonquin in Spring to see the moose.  It really is great being so close to Canada. They have beautiful wildlife preserves and parks.





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45 Responses to Nature Hikes and Photography

  1. bkcitta says:


  2. swo8 says:

    Hi Donna, those are lovely photos. Algonquin Park is really something else isn’t it?

  3. debsgarden says:

    What delightful photos! I admire your ability (and patience!) to get such good shots.

  4. These photos are wonderful!

  5. Wonderful! We have mostly the gray squirrels here, too. But just about an hour north of here, the red squirrels are more common. Enjoy your adventures!

  6. Absolutely beautiful photo’s! I would love to be there myself!!!

  7. Lovely photos, Donna. I thought the information on the banding was interesting.
    We have tons of red squirrels on this end of Lake Ontario. You find them mostly in the pine woods because they eat the pine cones.

  8. Rose says:

    Always a treat to see your fabulous photos, Donna! The last one of the squirrel is so good–he looks so adorable it makes me forget what ornery pests they can be:)

  9. That Gray Jay is a new one for me. Great crisp shots.

  10. Lula says:

    Donna, you are mastering nature photography!

  11. Sally says:

    Canadian Geographic magazine recently held a poll to choose Canada’s national bird. Two years and nearly 50,000 votes, the gray jay topped the list. 🙂

  12. alesiablogs says:

    You got some squirrels ! Love those crazy animals! Interesting post.

  13. Vijay says:

    beautiful pictures

  14. hazel says:

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  15. When are you going to make a book of your stunning nature photographs, Donna? You are ready. P. x

  16. David Pollack says:

    In Rochester NY we have mostly grey squirrels, with a few barking reddies to liven the mix, and the occasional illegal border-crossing black, which are pretty much the rule in Canada. I always wonder: do they come down through Watertown, Niagara, or swim across Lake Ontario?

    • We have a lot of black squirrels here. I live right on the border and I wonder if they stroll across the bridge. We did not have them maybe 7 years ago. Our red squirrels are just in preserves and parks to my observance. Rochester area has the best parks NY has to offer. I travel there often for bird migration.

  17. Denise says:

    I seems my comments get lost?

  18. These photos are awesome! I love the ones of the squirrels especially! I am just starting out in photography so if you want to check out my blog and offer any tips/pointers I’d greatly appreciate it (:

  19. Wow! These photos are beautiful. It’s really interesting to see wildlife (in particular, birds) up so close and in such detail when I would never get the opportunity to do so with the naked eye.

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