About GWGT

Email me at GWGT(at)roadrunner.com

This blog is created to celebrate the natural beauty and creativity found in Niagara Falls, New York. I love to photograph, paint and draw; design and create; and pass along tips and ideas that may inspire. I am highly trained in my field as a Master Gardener and architect and love my work each and every day.

See the natural world of Niagara Falls through my lens.

Nature just amazes me and the beauty she created at Niagara Falls is almost unmatched anywhere else. I do travel quite a bit and photograph everywhere that I may find myself.

My photography explores the macro world and the larger, natural landscapes.

My interests lie in photographing birds, insects, animals of all kinds, plant life and of course, gardens. I am a member of a local photography club, although not a professional myself.

To see more of my nature and wildlife images, see Nature and Wildlife Pics. It is a new blog I started for my interest in the greater garden of nature. To contact me about my photography, email me at: GWGT(at)roadrunner.com