Bees and Friends

Check out the posts on insect adventures, a little of what science found, and some insect ID. It is fun to go to the small world of the garden.

Wool-Carder-Bee-1   Wool Carder Bees on Salvia

Bee-on-Allium-7 Just Because I Like to See My Bees Big

SpringBees-4  Work it Bees – Do the Waggle

macro8 Macro Monday – Welcome to Wonderland – The “Good and Bad” of the Insect World

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Monarch9-15-13-2  BOS Field Trip – Yielding Monarchs

LocustBorer-1   Locust Borer – Pretty and Pretty Bad

Black-Saddlebags-Dragonfly-8  Black Saddlebags Dragonfly – Pretty and Pretty Good

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Swallowtail  Breakfast, Bedtime and Losing Butterflies

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Froggy  Frog Phobia – Funny or Frightening – Fact or $ Fortune?

BeeSalvia-9  Following a Bee – Penstemon digitalis ‘Husker Red’

BeeOnIrisFeeding  Bees and Friends On Chives – a Pair Made in Bee Heaven

Cicada  Cicadas Emerge When Predators Are At Their Lowest

BeeCrocus  Buzzing a Crocus Says Spring is Here

ThePlayer-1  Next Coffee Break, Invite a Bee – 4 Kinds of New Bee News

macro-4-1  Native Bees Reign Supreme