Photography Tips

Get some useful tips for beginners on Photography and Photoshop with these posts. I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and Kelby Training. I make good use of the instructors and tutorials with my memberships. Sharing with you things I know and have learned. I hope you enjoy my photos and observations.


Playing Tourist – Or Photos of Substance


Lovin’ the Links

My posts on Photographing Winter Backyard Birds


Abstracts From the Ordinary – What’s Up Saturday

The Buzz on ISO – Why High?

Hopping on Board With Macro – Shooting the Critters


Macro Monday – Welcome to Wonderland – The “Good and Bad” of the Insect World

Moving to Macro – The Definition and More

Interested in Macro Photography?

How to Photograph Zoo Animals, It is not About Looking Cute

Depth-of-Field, How to LOVE the Blur

Photographing a Hummingbird in Flight – Useful Tips

Gulls in Flight, A Photography Learning Experience

Gull11-30-13-2  Winging It – Gulls in Flight Part 2

Gull-Standing-in-snow  Photographing in Snow – Gull Glamour

No Flowers Shots, Please


Welcome to Wonderland – Wasp Travels

Photoshop Your Work, Why Not?

Garden Photos in Limited Light

Smithsonian Photo Contest and More

A Blog You Must Visit

Framing a Scene

It Had to Happen Sometime – ‘Beeware’ Fellow Petunias

What’s it to Ya

Lomo Transformation

Let There Be Light

Lotsa Leaves a way to make a cool flyer or promo handout, or just make a mosaic.

All Tech and Little Talent

How to Predict and Photograph Dramatic Sunsets


How to Get Photos in Yucky Light