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This Week is for the Birds

This weekend, I hopefully am going with the birders for the Lake Ontario Plains field trip for early migrants. I say hopefully since we had a snowstorm all day Thursday and flurries on Friday.

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A Bad Year to be a Mouse or Vole – Snowy Owls Are Here

Raptors are everywhere this year and Snowy Owls have been visiting again like last year’s irruption. Reducing the rodent population is good for gardeners though. Today, I am at our GardenFest meeting, planning for the event to be held in … Continue reading

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Snowy Owl Day with the Birdwatchers

Click to make me much bigger!!!! One bird I really wanted a photo of has been the Snowy Owl. On our birdwatching trip Saturday, we saw many ducks, Snow Geese, Canada Geese, Tundra Swans, and a couple of hawks, but … Continue reading

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