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Buffalo GOT BLASTED but We Get a Nice Day

Buffalo is under an epic 7 feet of snow today in some places, so no traveling this week. Roofs creaked then some fell. Niagara Falls only got much less than a foot, so I can take you around our area. … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls Is Not Closed, Nor is it Frozen – But It Is Beautiful

Here we go again… The searches are going wild, looking to see if Niagara Falls is closed. They also are searching for the Falls frozen. Want to see what it is really like at Niagara Falls? I know you do…

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Are YOU a Weather Weenie?

Weather complaints hit an all time high this season, even in some of the southern states. The first Polar Vortex that came and went was the coldest in almost two decades as cold air made its way into Texas. The … Continue reading

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